​Yamaha MX49 Review – Disclosing The Secrets Behind A Top Seller

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​Yamaha MX49 Review – Search no more if you are looking for a professional practicing keyboard that you can also use for gigs when portability is a must. This Yamaha MX49 review will disclose what Yamaha has done to enhance your experience. While it looks like a basic keyboard, the MX49 model will impress you with its capabilities, regardless of your experience.

Features of Yamaha MX49

The MX49 keyboard is based on the well known AWM2 sound engine designed by Yamaha. There are impressive amounts of sounds to choose from, as well as all kinds of effects. Referred to as voices by Yamaha, these sounds are categorized in 16 different groups to make your music making venture more convenient.

Yamaha MX49 synthesizer

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Whether you are looking for acoustic pianos, organs, strings, drums, ethnic sounds or multi effects, the gallery has pretty much anything you can think of.


There are 128 user memory slots to store your own, as well as 8 extra slots for drum patches. However, officially, there are no patch modes on this model, so everything is stored into the performance – this is just what Yamaha calls it.

Each section of the performance can have 16 voices. You can play them through the actual keyboard, yet you can also hook a computer in and do it. The part feature in each voice might seem confusing at first, but you will get the drill after you use it a few times.

Sizing and Portability

Even if you are not a DJ or a performer, you still want some portability from a keyboard. You want to be able to move it around your house without too much hassle, whether your space is limited or you want to impress some friends.

Yamaha MX49 synthesizer

This model measures 38.6 x 15.2 x 7.2 inches and weighs just over 12 pounds. Even children can put it away once they are done practicing.

Effects and Adjustments

Effects are quite diversified. Unsurprisingly, the sound quality is exquisite. If you have used effects on other keyboard before, you will notice the difference right away. However, you do not always need them, especially if you are into simplicity.

Instead of adding effects, you can simply work on the volume of a particular part. Use the reverb and chorus modes to boost the profile of a song without touching any effects at all. Only four parts can benefit from insert effects at once. On the other hand, all 16 parts can have the reverb, chorus and EQ assigned.

Connectivity Features

Connectivity is basic and brings in everything you will need – no fancy bells and whistles. You have a MIDI in and a MIDI out. You do not have a MIDI through feature though. But then, you will find two other options on the screen – to host and the device.

The keyboard has USB connectivity – types A and B – and allows multiple actions, such as storing your music or loading sounds up.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Connectivity features.
  • Reverb and chorus modes.
  • Easy to get used to.
  • Versatile.


  • Too much plastic in its composition makes it seem fragile.
  • Might need extra purchases, such as a carry bag and a USB cable.

Reasons to Buy Yamaha MX49

Yamaha MX49 looks like a good choice for students and amateurs. However, given its multiple features and high sound quality, it also makes a good solution for small and medium gigs. Getting used to it requires no experience at all.

​Yamaha MX49 Review – Conclusion

Bottom line, this Yamaha MX49 review makes it quite obvious – the MX49 model is great for beginners and a solid addition for professionals who need some portability and an extra boost to their arsenal.​

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