​Yamaha YDP-163 Review – The Ultimate Tool To Teach Yourself Playing

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Yamaha YDP-163 Review – Stylish, good looking, extremely versatile and suitable for both beginners and experienced players – these are the main characteristics that define the Arius YDP-163 digital piano from Yamaha. Built to push your experience to a new level, this Yamaha YDP-163 review will enlighten you on what makes this unit such a reliable solution.

Features of Yamaha Arius YDP-163

The 192 note polyphony is simply impressive. Forget about note dropping – it will never happen with this device. Besides, even the most sophisticated songs and selections will play clearly – you can literally listen to even note as the music goes on.  The keyboard comes with 10 different voices. Sure, other units may come with more, but at the end of the day, it is more than enough for most applications anyway.

Songs and Metronome

The YDP-163 model has ten demo songs. It also features 50 play along songs. They are all built in, so you can work with them as soon as you get the keyboard. The package includes a songbook to help you become familiar with the keys. All the 50 play along songs are included there, so you can learn to play while listening to the actual song.

Worried about your rhythm? Forget about it. Yamaha YDP-163 has a built-in metronome. It will help you stay on track. Plus, you can simulate a series of different environments for your music due to the four types of reverb.

  You can buy the Yamaha YDP-163 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


You can connect the YDP-163 keyboard to pretty much any music playing device. It can connect to a computer, as well as a tablet or a smartphone. You can use it along with a few music learning guides and applications developed by Yamaha for beginners.

yamaha arius ydp-163 digital piano

When connected, you are free to go through the music on your computer. There are multiple possibilities to start learning – lessons, rhythms, beats and so on. After all, there is nothing more exciting than learning to play by joining in your favorite music. Enhance your favorite songs with your own unique mark. As the keyboard does not feature a screen, your smartphone or laptop can work as a controller too.

Apart from all these, you have two built-in headphone jacks. You can play your favorite music without disturbing your family. You can also practice in the middle of the night. If you learn to play with a teacher, they can listen to your work without the whole building hearing.

Sizing and Design

Yamaha YDP-163 measures 53.4 x 16.6 x 33.4 inches. It weighs over 92 pounds. It is still space efficient and much more appropriate than a traditional piano if you lack space. It has three pedals and a stand, but no bench.

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As for its actual design, you have an 88 key keyboard. Keytops are made of synthetic ivory. Other than that, they are fully weighted, so they will feel like a real piano. They will also help build technique if you ever want to upgrade.


  • Good build quality standards.
  • Graded Hammer 3 keyboard with synthetic ivory key tops.
  • Rich, natural sound.
  • 192 note polyphony.
  • Lesson functions and features.


  • No organic piano elements like string resonance.
  • Limited sound effect options.

Reasons to Buy Yamaha Arius YDP-163

Yamaha YDP-163 is the ultimate professor. It teaches you how to play based on a few basic guides. Given its advanced features, it also represents a good choice for more experienced users.

Yamaha YDP-163 review – Conclusion

In the end, it is definitely hard to find a negative Yamaha YDP-163 review. Yamaha has done it once again – it has created a perfect tool for those who want to learn playing and not only.

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