Best Adjustable Piano Bench and Reasons Why You Need One

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An adjustable piano bench is something all musicians need and we can see that it is considered to be a necessity rather than an addition to your music playing capabilities. Of course, we will have to explain this matter in depth and we will also reveal some reasons why you would invest into the adjustable bench as soon as possible.

It’s Essential for your instrument and your décor

adjustable piano benchThe first thing you will have to know is that the adjustable piano bench is essential for all kinds of instruments. For instance, it is obviously essential for piano musicians, but it should be used by guitar players and even those who play the harp.

When it comes to pianists, you will be able to exercise for a longer period of time and you will enjoy more. Guitar players will be able to adjust the bench so they have a proper hand coordination. They will also keep the guitar in a proper position. The same applies to the harpist. An adjustable bench will assist them to keep the harp in the most suitable position.

Now we should add that an adjustable bench will be more than just great for your décor. It is commonly considered as a piece of art and it can make your studio or a room look so much better. The only other thing that can have the same effect is your musical instrument.

Types of adjustable benches

At first, all adjustable benches will look the same, to the untrained eye. But, if you know what we know, you can notice plenty of differences. The main one is in the type. For instance, they are divided into deluxe adjustable benches, double benches, and concert benches.

Deluxe adjustable bench

This type of bench is usually made of heavy-duty materials and it comes with storage under the seat. The mechanism is located on the frame and the entire bench looks like a piece of art.

Double adjustable bench

A double adjustable bench is basically the same as the previous type, except one major difference. It has room for two musicians or a student and a teacher. As such, it is bigger and usually heavier.

Concert adjustable bench

These benches are made to be used in concert halls, while you play a real, acoustic piano. They are expensive, extremely comfortable and stylish. Each element is made to be functional and to look great.

Reasons why you need an adjustable piano bench

There are countless reasons why you should use an adjustable piano bench, but at the end of a day, it all comes to these 5 reasons. The best part is the fact you will get all of the 5 benefits and you will be able to acquire them as soon as you sit on a bench for the first time.

Adjustable height

The first reason why you should use an adjustable bench is the height adjustment. It simply allows for you to adapt for each instrument or each occasion and make your playing more comfortable, more accurate and better.


All of these models are designed to be comfortable. After all, it is expected that musicians will spend hours sitting. They have leather padding with foam inserts and diamond-shaped bolts. You will definitely notice one when you see it.


Most models come with storage under the seat itself. This storage can make a massive difference and it is usually reserved for books and magazines associated with music.


There is no need to add that all piano benches are durable. After all, it is known that they will be used for hours, years and even decades. Any other bench or a chair simply won’t be able to withstand that pressure.


Yes, you can use an adjustable bench for playing any instrument you like. Thanks to adjustability, you can adapt your position precisely as you like.


The best adjustable piano bench should be considered into account if you are a beginner, an intermediate or professional musician. All you are going to get are the benefits and new (individual) reasons why you love your new bench.