What Is The Best Age To Start Piano Lessons?

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Before we reveal the answer to which the Best Age to start Piano Lessons is, we must explain a few advantages of providing this form of education for your child. As you may know, learning to play a piano will improve the discipline, eye-hand coordination, and intelligence.

Don’t forget that there is a definite pleasure that will be present when a child plays the piano and the pleasure all the listeners will get. According to a recent study, children who got piano lessons at the age of 6 measured an increased brain growth and also better motor skills that children who weren’t learning how to play a piano.

The next main fact we will have to explain is that there is no simple answer when your child should start with piano lessons. Some successful musicians started at age of 3, but it is rare. Others started at age 10 and still recorded successful career. On the other hand, if we take a look at teenagers who started learning piano lessons, we can see that most of them were unable to study music as a major in college. There isn’t enough time to perfect the skills.

When is it too early?

Yes, you probably know or have seen a child at age 3-4 who plays Ludwig van Beethoven. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that all children who are interested in piano should start with lessons. For example, children aged 3-5 will keep the focus on what teacher is teaching them for 3-4 minutes and then they will find another activity that is more interesting to them.

best age piano lessons

As such, we can see that children younger than age 5 probably should not start with piano lessons. The time and effort won’t be properly directed and will probably result in failure! Instead, allow for your child to explore the piano and how it works. Play the music for him and support his interest in music and pianos.

Another thing you, as a parent can do is to help your children discover the world of music. Enroll him in some music program such as Music Together or Kindermusic and allow for him to listen to classical music and often as possible. Dancing is another element that is recommended at this stage and definitely should be taken into consideration.

Some requirements are mandatory

Before your child starts learning how to play piano, there are a few requirements. At this moment, we can tell you that the average age to start with lessons is usually between 5 and 8 years of age. Once again, there are a few requirements your child must have before lessons can start.

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1. Hand size

The first requirement is the size of a hand. A child must be able to place all 5 fingers on separate piano keys. For some 6 years old children this won’t be an issue. For others, it will be almost impossible.

2. Independence of the fingers

Another, also mandatory requirement is the independence of the fingers. For instance, if a child can play “Hot Cross Buns” using three separate fingers, he can start with piano lessons. If he can use one finger only, he is not ready. There are a lot of tests that can help you determine can your child move fingers independently.

As a parent, you can help him improve independent finger movement. Hold hands up and allow for your child to mimic your movement. It is a simple exercise that has a massive effect on independent finger development.

3. Interest in piano

One of the most important requirements is the interest in piano lessons. It is important to add that you as a parent can’t provide interest. If the interest comes from you, specifically, it isn’t real and it will be a short-term interest. Your child may start learning playing piano and then he will stop, simply because the interest doesn’t come from his heart. Basically, this is the same thing with any activity, sport or art your child will want to learn. The interest must come solely from him.

Keep in mind that we referred to parents as the source. For instance, if you are a professional pianist, the interest can come from you. Your child will watch you play piano and he will want to do the same. Forcing your child to learn how to play the piano isn’t an option and there won’t be an answer to the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons.

Age of 6 is ideal to start, but 7 and 8 years of age are more than just possible

For most children, starting to learn how to play piano should start at age of 6. At this age, the hands of the children are flexible and agile. They already know how to follow the directions of adults and they are familiar with the music. In addition, most piano teachers prefer to start with children of this age.

Ages 7 and 8 are also great years to start learning piano lessons. The children will get almost the same benefits as those who started at age 6. There are no major differences here and you are free to wait for this age frame in order to start with piano lessons with your child.

Starting at ages 9 and 10 is possible, but not ideal. Children won’t have the same amount of time to perfect their skills and they may show interest in something different. The bottom line is that you should start sooner!

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An interesting advantage younger children have is more free time. Yes we know, all children have a lot of free time, but younger ones are more likely to fill their tile with piano lessons. Older ones will find other interesting things to do and they may have additional activities which are completely opposite than the piano.

Reading affects the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons as well

how much are piano lessonsWe must add that learning how to play the piano is affected by the ability of children to read. Some children aged 6 won’t have problems reading and they can start learning how to play the piano at this period without any difficulties. Of course, we refer to the process where a teacher uses the book-based method. This won’t be ideal if your child isn’t able to read perfectly at this age.

There is a simple solution. There is an ear-based method that will help your children learn how to play piano even if he doesn’t read well at this age. The method consists of listening to music instead of reading and it may be more appealing for some kids.

What about age 11 or older? Is it too late for them?

Actually, it is never too late. Some children who started learning how to play piano at age 11 or even 12 managed to reach impressive levels. We can say that they even reached higher levels sooner than children who started at an early age.

The main concern is in fact the brain and the hands of older children are not as flexible as the ones in younger children. As such, it is harder for them to learn to play the piano and this can be a reason for a massive will loss.

Beginning for teenagers

As we have mentioned, it is never too late to start with piano lessons. Some people start at age 70 or even 80, so why it would be too late for teenagers? It is important to add that if you start playing the piano later in your life, you will need more time to master it. In reality, you will even need more time to learn the basic moves. There is a good explanation of this matter.

When children at an early age start learning to play piano, they are still learning basic things, so nothing is strange or award for them. For teenagers the situation is different.  They already know a lot of things to do, and learning something completely different may be difficult. Once again, if you are a teenager or an adult, you will simply have to invest more time and effort into learning. It is still possible for you and you have decent odds, but your progress will be slower.

Best Age to start Piano Lessons

So, what is the Best Age to Start Piano Lessons? As you were able to see the best age is between age 6 and 8. If a child starts within this period of time, the success rate will be the highest. Of course, just make sure that all the requirements are met and your child is really interested in music, he can place 5 different fingers on 5 different piano keys and the independent finger movement isn’t an issue.

If your child is older than the mentioned age, it is still possible to start with piano lessons. He will still have plenty of opportunities to learn how to play the piano and he may become a professional pianist. For teenagers and adults, today is the right time to start learning. After all, it’s never too late.

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