Best Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard: We Tested 4 Best Models Available On The Market

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At the moment, the need for Bluetooth MIDI keyboards is massive and we can see some of the best brands launching several models only to meet the demand. These devices are truly powerful and versatile, but at the same time complicated and advanced. That’s why you are going to need our most comprehensive buyer’s guide and the list of the Bluetooth MIDI keyboard. Even better, we will present you with the four most popular models on the market.

Buyer’s Guide for the Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard

First of all, what is the MIDI keyboard? The best explanation we can give to you is actually the simplest. MIDI keyboards allow for you to control music from your computer or a laptop. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and this technology isn’t new. As a matter of fact, it has been among us for 3 decades. A Bluetooth version of the keyboard will simply control a PC or laptop wirelessly.

Now you will have to know why you are planning to use a MIDI keyboard. Different musicians need different models, obviously. We will assist you by listing the factors you need to take into consideration.

1. Types of Controller You Need

Bluetooth MIDI keyboards

The first type of these keyboards is the one used by pianists who will use them to control DAW. They are very powerful and very popular at the moment.

MIDI foot controllers

These controllers are controlled by musician’s feet and they are a bit rare. However, they are essential for the specific type of musicians.

MIDI drum pads

As you would expect, these controllers are used by musicians who want to produce drum beats. They are completely different compared to conventional models and they are also rare.

MIDI multi-instrument controller

Noticed that we mentioned controller rather than controllers? There is only one device of this kind available on the market. It allows for you to play music on the go and simulate instruments such as violin, piano, ass or etc.

2. Weight

There is no need in telling you that you need a lightweight model. You will move it all the time, so a heavy unit isn’t something you really want.

3. Durability

These devices are used all the time, so they must be as durable as possible. You don’t want a cheap alternative that can’t last longer than 2 months. All the models we will mention below are more than just durable.

Top 4 Best Bluetooth MIDI Keyboard Models

We have chosen the best Bluetooth keyboard models for you. You may want to check their standards and other qualities.

#1. Akai LPK25 Wireless

This is the most desirable Bluetooth MIDI keyboard you can have at the moment. It is also available in wired option, which is more affordable. Anyway, the model can be powered by AA batteries or USB connection. In a case you use AA batteries, the lifespan is 12 hours, which is sufficient. Of course, for some of you, this won’t be an option. If you are one of them, please invest into high-end batteries to help you extend the battery life.

akai lpk25 wireless midi keyboard

One interesting benefit of this keyboard is full compatibility with the Akai Professional LPD8 Wireless drum pad controller. The attention to detail is impressive as well, so it isn’t strange this is the most popular model right now. All combined, this is a superb choice for musicians who will use it with computers.

Bluetooth 4.0

We liked the fact this unit supports Bluetooth 4.0. It is the latest version of the connectivity protocol and it is essential for modern musicians. In essence, it allows you to connect it with the newest computers, laptops and with the latest operating systems.

akai lpk25 bluetooth midi keyboard


The keyboard is lightweight which makes it an ideal choice for most users. It is easy to use as well, so in a nutshell, you will definitely get a high-end model suitable for any purpose you have on your mind.

  You can buy the Akai LPK25 Wireless from  Amazon


  • Powered by batteries or USB.
  • Advanced features.
  • Lightweight.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.


  • Expensive.
  • Poor user manual.

#2. Roland Go:Keys

The model in question is designed for beginners. It is excellent value for money and you can have it with lessons book, which makes it an even better choice. We liked the design which is impressive and the overall quality. However, this is a massive keyboard, so it isn’t very compact. It isn’t lightweight either.

Roland Go Keys bluetoot midi keyboard

You can connect it with different devices. For instance, it is fully compatible with tablets and laptops. You can even use it to connect it with your smartphone. There are no advanced features here, but for beginners, this model will be the best possible choice.

  You can buy the Roland Go:Keys from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

Loop Mix

This is a system that helps you create music simply by playing notes on the keyboard. It is also one of many reasons why this unit has a massive keybed and allows for you to use it for any purpose you have on your mind. We tested it in real time and we must say that it is impressive. It is intuitive, easy to use and helps you create any music you want.

Roland Go Keys bluetoot midi keyboard

500 pre-recorded sounds

One of the more appealing features for all of you is the list of the sounds you get. There are sounds of guitars, bass, piano, and many other musical instruments. The sound quality is above average so we can add that you will probably use this keyboard for a longer period of time.


  • Pre-recorded sounds.
  • Loop Mix.
  • Massive keybed.
  • Lessons book is available (option).


  • Heavy.
  • Speaker.

#3. CME Xkey Air

Now we will present you one Bluetooth MIDI keyboard that looks like no other. At the first sight, you can see that it looks like Mac keyboard and this precisely was the goal of the manufacturer. We must add that the finish is excellent and the overall feel is even better. The keyboard uses the latest technology so it will be more than just great for most users. We want to recommend it to the musicians who like playing music while on the go.

CME Xkey bluetooth midi keyboard

When it comes to compatibility, there are no issues. You can connect it with any tablet, smartphone or a computer. The process is simple and requires just a few seconds. After that, you can use it for any purpose. We will also tell you that the keyboard is compatible with most of the apps available on Google Play and App Store today. Just a few examples include Octave Change, Modulation and etc.

Super lightweight

The weight of the keyboard is 610 grams, which makes it the lightest keyboard of this kind on the market. Keep in mind that it is made of aluminum and the quality is above the average. There are no weak links in the design. We liked the overall quality and the looks of the model.

  You can buy the CME XKey Air from  Amazon

CME Xkey bluetooth midi keyboard

Lithium-Ion battery

The keyboard is powered by a lithium-ion battery which will require to be recharged. Once you fully recharge the battery you can expect hours of use without a need to recharge it again.


  • Modern design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Lightweight.


  • USB jack.
  • Expensive spare parts.

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#4. Korg MicroKey

Obviously that Korg will make a MIDI keyboard. There are a few things you must know about this particular model. First of all, it is available in different versions. For instance, you can have it with 25 keys the version we tested. But, you can also get the same model with 37, 49 or 61 keys. The entire system is the same, but those models are much bigger and more expensive. The one we tested is an excellent value for money.

Korg MicroKEY midi keyboard

When it comes to connectivity, there are no issues. This simply means that you can connect it with any Mac, Android or Windows device that uses Bluetooth. The connecting process is simple, as usual, and it takes just a few minutes of your time.

Superb battery life

One of the main advantages is the battery life. It will last for one month before you have a need to recharge the battery again. It is the most impressive advantage of this model and the one we liked a lot. Of course, some of you who use it every single day will have to recharge it 2 times a month.

  You can buy the Korg MicroKey from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

Free music software

With the keyboard, you get an impressive bundle of music editing software. We tested each one of them and we were more than just satisfied. They are suitable for beginners and semi-professionals. It is a real pleasure being able to get this with an affordable keyboard of this kind.


  • Free software.
  • Available in different versions.
  • Value for money.
  • Battery life.


  • ARP issues.
  • Build quality.


Now is the time to tell you our verdict. For us, the Akai model you saw is simply the best Bluetooth MIDI keyboard on the market. We liked the advanced features, the battery life and the ability to use it as a wired keyboard. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 meaning that you will be able to use it for the longest period of time. We give it 4.8 out of 5 stars and we must repeat by saying it is truly a desirable model.

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