Best Cheap Keyboard Piano You Should Buy This Year

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Digital pianos have evolved. Most of them now come with distinct features that can make learning easier and faster. But finding the best cheap keyboard piano is one very confusing task because of the myriads of options out there. If one is not careful, you can make the wrong choice.

Most beginners fall for aesthetics, which ideally shouldn’t be the main thing. There are many aspects you need to consider before buying a piano. Also, don’t fall for the usual sayings that you cannot find a good quality budget keyboard on the market. You can, and that’s what this post is about. Read to know factors to consider before buying a keyboard and review of some of the best cheap keyboard piano models out there.

A Guide to How to Choose High-Quality Budget Piano

Some beginners prefer to splash the cash on a very expensive piano because they believe they will learn better with one. They are right to an extent. But why spend thousands of dollars on something when you can get almost the same value for less?

Interestingly, you can even find a cheap but good quality keyboard that will serve you and help you develop in your skills on the piano. All you need do is to read extensively and conduct proper research before buying.

best cheap piano keyboard


So if you want to buy the best budget keyboard piano, one that will add value to your keyboard journey, then you are in the right place. Check out things to consider to help you make the right choice.

Know Exactly What You Need

Keyboards differ according to how they respond when played.  You may also have come across terms like weighted and touch sensitive keys. Now here is the thing; the touch-sensitive keys piano are the options recommended for most beginners. They are referred to as touch-sensitive because of the response you get when you play any of the keys, which is proportional to the force you exert.

In other words, when you hit the keys harder, you will receive a louder sound. On the other hand, when you touch the keys softly, you will get a more reduced sound. That’s how it works.

There are also the weighted keys which provide more resistance than the usual touch sensitive keyboards. It can happen most times that when you hit the keys on such keyboards, some of them will be louder. But if you are looking to build finger muscles, weighted keys are an ideal option.

The verdict is as a beginner; the touch-sensitive keyboard is what you should be gunning for at this point. It will help you learn faster and identify the different tones that each key produce. Most keyboard teachers also encourage their students to get such keyboard pianos.

Consider Price and Value

Price is one of the factors that should guide you when choosing a keyboard. But you must not fall for any trick of buying an expensive instrument because of the value you can get. Many budget keyboard pianos offer great value for money. The reason you haven’t found one is because you haven’t done adequate research.

The simple step that can help you land a cheap but top quality piano entails price comparison. List out the price and features of about three or four keyboards and compare their prices and features. That way, you will be able to tell the one that has the needed features and also falls within your budget.

Best Cheap Keyboard Piano – Our Top Picks

The following are some of the best cheap keyboard piano models for people who are itching to buy one but don’t want to break the bank. These are still top quality instruments nonetheless, so you are always going to get good value for your money. From this review, you can make your choice on the one that meets your needs regarding features and quality.

#1. Yamaha PSR-E463

Yamaha PSR-E463 review

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The PSR- e463 is a portable keyboard with 6-keys. Surprisingly, this budget instrument produces an unmatched piano sound and comes with a superior sound engine that many keyboards at this price point don’t have. Its assignable knobs are one of a kind. They help players to manipulate not just the parameters but effects on style and voices.

Yamaha has a robust history of making almost every kind of instruments useful for music production. And you can feel how detailed and well-made the PSR- E463 is starting from the point where your finger touches the keys on the instrument. This keyboard has a vibrant library comprising of 758 instrument voices. So have in mind that you can play any genre of music with this instrument.

There is a port on this keyboard that allows you to connect a flash drive to it for easy loading and data storage. And not only that, but this budget keyboard also has expanded connectivity. You can even record yourself to your smart device or PC while performing. There is also an AUX IN Jack where you can connect your external audio player to play alongside your favorite tunes.


  •    Lightweight.
  •    Portable.
  •    Quality built-in speakers.
  •    Touch sensitive keys.
  •    Genuine grand piano sound.


  •    The product has no warranty.
  •    Only great for western voices.

#2. Casio CTK-6200

Casio CTK6200 keyboard piano

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Not many products at this price point can compete with the Casio CTK-6200. It’s in a class of its own. This feature-rich keyboard features different built-in effects and other additions that will help you learn faster.

And because of the build quality of features of this keyboard, it is suitable for beginners, intermediate and even advanced players. As a beginner, starting with the CTK-6200 is a wise decision. The reason for this is that you can play the instrument for many years, even after progressing from the beginner’s stage you started from.

It features 61 full-size touch response keys, pitch bend wheel, and a unique 32-channel mixer.

The multi-digital effects offered by this keyboard are fantastic. Casio programmed different effects in this brand so that users like you can create any sound they wish to hear. The CTK-6200 also comes with 10 different types of reverb and 5 choruses so that you can personalize your music to suit your style and taste.


  •    Great price.
  •    Touch sensitive keys.
  •    Built-in USB port.
  •    Multi digital effects.


  •    No weighted keys.
  •    Lacks microphone support.
  •    Doesn’t have step-up lesson system.

#3. Casio CTK-3200

Casio CTK-3200 touch sensitive keyboard

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Casio has done incredibly well as far as the production of musical instruments and electronics, in general, are concerned. The company has also not failed to impress in the area of price and quality. The Casio CTK-3200 is one of the best cheap keyboard piano models out there.

The CTK-3200 is portable and compact and has multiple functions which include digital chorus effect, touch response and superior reverb like no other. What also baffles many users about this keyboard is the fact that it is suitable for beginners and professionals.

As a beginner, the CTK-3200 comes with the step-up lesson system, which can help speed up your learning process. This feature-rich instrument also has 150 rhythms, and it will amaze you that you don’t have to break the bank to acquire this well-built instrument.

The CTK-3200 has 61 keys, which is suitable for any beginner to start practicing. This Casio brand has everything you could ever wish for and more. It even features a pitch bend wheel, which allows players to slide the sound pitch downward or upward.


  •    Lightweight.
  •    Sampling function.
  •    MIDI and USB support.
  •    Step-up lesson system.


  •    Keys are non-weighted.
  •    Lacks wireless connectivity.

#4. Casio LK-265

Casio LK-265 touch sensitive keyboard

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If you are planning to purchase a keyboard for your kid or yourself, the Casio LK-265 should be on your list. It’s a feature-rich entry-level keyboard and a must-have for any beginner. This keyboard offers 400 tones and 100 rhythms. It also has the step-up lesson feature that makes learning a breeze for beginners.

The sound of this budget-keyboard is crisp and clear. Another thing you will enjoy about this instrument is the lightweight. It makes it quite easy to move around or travel with to any destination you want. If you have a mini-concert at your family house or any other venue with a couple of friends, you can take it along.

The Casio LK-265 also has touch-sensitive keys and incredible digital effects. Other features you will find on this keyboard besides Casio’s flagship Step-up Lesson System includes audio input so you can connect your MP3 player, 50 built-in dance music rhythms, and touch response keys of 2 sensitive levels. It also has lighted keys that can also teach you how to play different songs.


  •    Lightweight.
  •    Portable.
  •    Budget-friendly.
  •    Lighted keys.
  •    Touch response keys.


  •    More beginner-friendly.
  •    LCD screen doesn’t have the backlight.

#5. Yamaha PSR-E363

Yamaha PSR-E-363 portable keyboard

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The PSR-E363 is one of the most excellent keyboards amongst Yamaha’s popular PSR series. It comes in grey and black color with a super-rigid frame, and tons of features that will make you doubt if the keyboard is actually in the entry-level category.

The E363 comes with 573 different sounds which consist of everything from electric pianos, grand pianos, drums, brass, and horns, among others. It also has 158 backing styles which means you can play to different chords, genre, and rhythms with the push of a button.

The PSR-E363 is no doubt an ideal option for any beginner. This 61-key touch response keyboard features extended connectivity where you can connect your mobile and computer devices to it. There are also on-board lessons to help speed up your learning.

The Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S) is also another incredible feature of this keyboard that can help make learning how to play more interesting, and you would start seeing the improvement in no time.


  •    MIDI input.
  •    Beginner-friendly.
  •    Velocity based keys.
  •    Detachable music stand.


  •    There’s no guarantee.
  •    The adapter is sold independently.
  •    No letterings for notes on the keys.

#6. Yamaha YPT-260

Yamaha YPT-260 keyboard

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The YPT-260 is another brand Yamaha has added to their collection of budget-friendly but feature-rich pianos. It is one of the cheapest keyboards on this list that beginners and a more experienced player can use.

The keyboard is so simple to play and comes with the Yamaha Education Suite that makes it easier for individuals who are just starting.

This Education Suite provides 9-lesson plan and well-guided instructions on how to go about practicing them. Regarding durability, the YPT-260 is built to last long and withstand rough handling. The plastic used in manufacturing this keyboard is quite touch, which shows that Yamaha does not cut corners when it comes to the quality of materials used.

The volume knob you will encounter on this instrument is of metal. It has the right amount of resistance, making it easier for you to set the volume where ever you need it. It won’t move from there no matter how rough you play.

The keyboard also has features like an AUX input, 32 polyphony, 400 voices and the option to record and playback via the recording function.


  •    Great price.
  •    Quality sound.
  •    Solid construction.
  •    Useful teaching feature.


  •    Has too many settings.
  •    Manual has no info on audio port.


These are the best cheap keyboard models for beginners, but you can also continue making use of them even when you reach an advanced level. The good thing about this list is that each of the keyboards has features that make learning how to play a bit easier and fast. They are also lightweight, meaning you can transport your keyboard to any location. Just read through the different options available and make your selection.

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