Best Digital Pianos Under $500 – What Options Do You Have?

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If you’re searching for the best digital pianos under $500, you are reading the right article. I will help you to find the best model that fits your needs.

When music is life and you need to play the tunes of life to express yourself, the first thing that comes to the mind is a grand piano. Many famous musicians have conveyed and are continuing to convey important life lessons with a simple piano key note. The only glitch to this dreamy situation of yours is that you don’t own enough funds to actually buy a Grand Piano.

Best Digital Pianos Under $500 – Top 5 Picks

Luckily, these Best digital pianos under $500 can prove to be an excellent alternative to the Grand Piano that you wanted to own. Now you only need to collect $500 and you are set to buy your personal piano!

#1. Casio Privia PX-160

To own a Grand Yamaha is a dream of almost every pianist. However, does money makes it difficult to buy for you? This is a great alternative to your Yamaha Grand Piano with features exceeding the cost you need to pay for this piano. The Casio Privia PX-160 is, without a doubt, one of the best digital pianos under $500 on the market.

casio px-160

It’s stylish in a sense that you can almost term it as handsome even. It also comes with a nice set of features:

  • It comes with a full-sized keyboard with 88 keys. The keys are also velocity sensitive and look just like an authentic piano keyboard. A perfect balance of beauty and work.
  • The Privia PX160BK has almost more than 18 voices with 128 notes available to you for play. It is split into layers for you to easily be able to distinguish between the sounds.
  • The unit comes with an easy connectivity with most of the systems. You can connect MIDI over USB for an excellent Line output. It contains 2 headphone jacks for you to connect and listen for a better quality and contain internal storage for recordings of sounds.
  • The PX160BK also comes with Recording/Playback MIDI sequencer along with 60 pre-recorded songs. It also has effects and build-in-speakers for an extra push.
casio px-160

  You can buy the Casio Privia PX-160 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • It’s very affordable with great sound quality.
  • It has a really wide range of sound choices.
  • You can use it for on-stage performances.


  • There is no internal battery and have to be connected with an adapter.
  • Lacks many features which costly piano have (although they will not affect its performance).

#2. Yamaha P45

Although it is one of the best digital pianos for beginners, this proves to be a beloved choice for many of the professionals also. Listed as one of the Best digital pianos under $500, this piano has everything you would ever want in your piano.

yamaha 45

Its fresh sound quality will blow your minds away and prove to you once and for all what Yamaha quality is all about.

  • It has an amazing full-length keyboard with black matte key tops which gives it a really aesthetic feel.
  • With its Graded Hammer Standard action along with super touch sensitivity, you will be on for a ride through smooth music making.
  • It not only has an AWM Stereo sampling but also 64-note polyphony which makes it so much more advanced than others of its generations.
  • It has 10 instrument sounds (in which two are from pianos), 10 present piano songs along with 10 demo songs and two playing modes Duo and Dual
  • You can easily connect it with USB to Host, Headphone jack, Sustain jack, which will almost cover all your areas of worry. It even has a warranty period of three years.
yamaha 45

  You can buy the Yamaha P45 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • It’s very affordable with excellent features.
  • The Yamaha P45 has a stylish look to it which can impress a lot of people and looks beautiful in the studio.
  • It has a manufacturer’s warranty along with great sound quality.
  • Also comes with duel and suet modes.


  • It doesn’t have a built-in recording system.
  • The speakers are not very loud.
  • Its Headphone jack is on the back of the piano.

#3. Yamaha YPG 535

The feature that is the most cherished in a piano is the soft touch keys and a stereo of a high resolution. The Yamaha YPG 535 is a keyboard that not only helps professionals bring out the best of their talent, but is also useful for students who are attempting to learn the art of music.

yamaha ypg 535

Let us take a look at some main features of this stylish piano:

  • It comes with a sustain pedal, adapter, and a stand to provide the users with an utmost smooth experience.
  • You are never going to forget the cords, notations or lyrics as there is a Backlit LCD to provide a clear display.
  • You can also connect it to USB storage devices, although this feature is optional.
  • The dimensions of the product are 58 x 22.5 x 12.5 inches and it weighs about 37 pounds.
yamaha ypg 535

  You can buy the Yamaha YPG 535 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • Thanks to the most realistic and high-quality sound, the instrument provides immense clarity and warmth to the ears.
  • The internal flash ROM supports the downloading of the songs from the internet.
  • The amazing education suit features aid efficient learning for students.
  • Trumpet, Pan Flute, Flute, Soprano, Tenor Saxes and voices including Organ, Electric Piano, and Rotor Organ are some of the exciting features that show how versatile the instrument is.
  • You can adjust the tempo easily according to the piece you are playing.
  • The flawless performance assistant makes sure that you don’t make any mistake while playing any piece of music. All you need to do is long press on the song you wish to play and tap any keys of your choice. It will fit into the music and help you play like a pro!


  • Due to the heavyweight, portability is not easy.
  • It might be a bit pricey as there are better alternatives at the same price out there.

#4. Korg B1

No matter how good is your keyboard, if the ease of use is compromised to any extent, you don’t get the full value of your money. This is exactly the issue that Korg B1 targets. Considered as one of the best digital pianos under $500 by many users, the Korg B1 offers great features.

korg b1

The ease of use with which it helps musicians play spectacular music is highly commendable. This feature is what makes the instrument suitable for pros and beginners alike. A superior sound quality and an authentic keyboard touch just add to it’s already existing usefulness. Some of the key features include:

  • The Hammer keyboard action is naturally weighted.
  • It consists of 88 full sized keys.
  • There are 8 amazing sounds and 120 polyphony voices for musicians’ assistance and also for entertainment purposes.
  • It weighs 26.01 LB and includes a power adapter.
korg b1

  You can buy the Korg B1 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • The compact design ensures that the instrument doesn’t occupy much space and looks super stylish.
  • The in-depth and rich tones that come with an acoustic piano can be heard and felt. They are a treat to the ears of a musician.
  • Any performer can match the sound to his playing style, thanks to the dynamic keyboard response.
  • The 13 inches depth and the sleek design account for easy portability. The instrument is lightweight, thus, can be easily transported from one place to another without much manpower.


  • The number of sounds is lesses as compared to some other keyboards.


The best thing about LAGRIMA instruments is that even when newbies play it, it sounds extremely sophisticated and professional. The storage bench also promotes full utilization of the space. 80 demo songs, 64 Polyphony, 128 standard GM tones, 480 tones, 200 present rhythms, and so on contribute to the versatility of the instrument.

lagrima digital piano

Let us take a look at some of its exciting features:

  • There is a piano bench with a lot of paddings which ensures the comfort of the musician while playing.
  • There is a plethora of music that you can play after connecting the instrument to a mobile device or a PC. This enables you to experience different moods and feelings while playing.
  • The digitalization sampling provides an incredible acoustic experience and makes sure that you don’t have to compromise on the sound quality.

  You can buy the LAGRIMA from  Amazon


  • The quiet mode ensures that even when others are sleeping, you can play and relax without causing any kind of disturbance to anyone.
  • The features that make the instrument super handy for beginners include an adjustment of the sound volume, playback function, multi-tone selection, easy control of the sound recording, keyboard split function.
  • It is not a bulky instrument and due to its appropriate size is highly portable.
  • This is the best possible keyboard that you can opt for beginners, thanks to the ease of use.
  • The product is highly affordable and provides complete value for your hard earned. With the amazing variety of sounds, ease of use and numerous features, I can say that this is the best you can get at an affordable price.


  • The keys aren’t as lightweight as expected.

Final Words

Although there are a plethora of musical instruments out there, nothing imparts a combination of a rocking and a soothing feel simultaneously like a good quality keyboard. The ability to produce a wide array of sounds makes it one of the most versatile musical instruments all over the world. Thus, investing in a good digital piano is one of the best decisions an aspiring musician or even a pro can make.

Finding the best digital pianos under $500 does not have to be challenging. You now have five great options to choose from. As you can see, our first pick goes to Casio Privia 160 and I am happy to recommend it to you. However, you don’t have to agree with me as the other models are also considered as some of the best digital pianos under $500 on today’s market. Take your time and never rush, just choose the digital piano that suits your requirements.