Best Roland Keyboard to Buy – 8 Popular Models Reviewed

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Best Roland Keyboard Reviews – Are you a music lover searching for the best keyboard to buy or just want to gift it to someone? This post is specifically created for you.

Things to Look for When Buying The Best Roland Keyboard

Roland logoThere are different brands of pianos and one of the most sort after is the Roland keyboard. Getting the best Roland Keyboard will require you to do some market research, but all that has been done for you in this article. Choosing any one from our list is sure to serve you right.

Keyboard, Digital Piano or Synthesizer?

As a beginner that is wanting to buy a keyboard, it is essential that you know the kind of keyboard that would suit you. There are tons of functions a keyboard can carry out so buying a keyboard is dependent on what you actually want to achieve with it.

A synthesizer produces a variety of sounds and this is what band musician use in concerts. If your purpose of buying is just to have one at home, then the digital piano would be the option for you. There are top-notch Roland digital pianos you can get on the marketplace.

Number of keys

The number of keys present on a keyboard can also determine its function. The fewer the keys, the lesser the functions. But for a synthesizer, the number of keys doesn’t matter as it doesn’t require that many keys. Typically, most standard pianos come with 88 weighted keys.

Weighted Keys

Weighted keys will definitely be needed at some point if your intent of owning a piano is for playing jazz or classical. As a beginner, you can start with a less expensive keyboard, but as you become more proficient, you definitely want a weighted key digital piano.

MIDI Capable?

MIDI capable simply means you want a keyboard that can be connected to your computer and have access to multiple sounds. If this is what you want, then go for a keyboard that has this feature.


If all you need is a keyboard that would be stationed in a position in your house, then you may not need to border about the weight. However, you would like to travel with it most times then you should consider the weight. Roland keyboards are designed to weigh less than the conventional keyboards.


You should know how much you are willing to spend on a keyboard. For sure, the more sophisticated keyboards are more expensive than the regular ones. If you are buying for your kids, then you should go for a cheaper one.

Best Roland Keyboard – Our Top Picks

With Roland, any type of keyboard you want can be easily gotten. This list below, we believe you should be able to pick a keyboard that will serve the purpose for which it I bought.

#1. Roland RD-2000 Digital Stage Piano

The Roland RD series is an awesome stage piano that delivers excellently. The RD-2000 is the flagship model of the RD series. This latest version of Roland’s RD series takes the digital keyboard to a new level entirely.

Roland RD-2000 digital stage piano

Both the famous V-piano sound engine and Roland’s SuperNatural are incorporated in this piano to make it the most realistic, expressive keyboard sounds you will ever listen to from any digital instruments.

  You can buy the Roland RD-2000 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

Aside from the amazing sound that emanates from the RD-2000, the keys are touch sensitive which makes it more enjoyable to play. This piano comes with Roland’s unique PHA-50 key action that helps to deliver the weighted touch of real piano keys.

There are other tons of features, rhythms, and sounds that come with this piano, making it superior to other digital pianos. Talking about the appearance of this keyboard, it is well-designed to look more appealing and its portability is something you will love. No doubt, this is one of the best digital pianos you can get out there.


  • It’s easy and fun to play.
  • Produces realistic sounds.
  • Keys are sensitive to touch.
  • Has every features present in any professional keyboard.


  • May not be the best for kids or anyone just learning to play piano.

#2. Roland FP-90 Digital Piano

There are two important accessories to look out for when buying the best digital piano and they are; the pedal board and the stand. With a stand, your piano will be well-positioned in a more attractive way, and the pedalboard helps to take full advantage of the sound engine for expressive playing. All these features and more are what you will get with the Roland FP-90.

Roland FP-90 keyboard

The FP-90 comes with a selection of top-grade electric pianos, synths, and organs, giving you the option to choose any sound and play almost any style of music. If you have any favorite sound, you can store them along with any other useful settings such as splits and layers- in 30 user registrations so you can recall them quickly.

  You can buy the Roland FP-90 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

This digital piano has powerful bi-amp speakers that deliver powerful sounds to thrill your udience with precise reproduction. No need to worry about reliability because FP-90 is well-designed to serve you anywhere.


  • It produces realistic sounds
  • It is quite easy to operate
  • The keys are sensitive to touch
  • Can be used in different music performance


  • This may not be the best for beginners

#3. Roland FA-08 Workstation

The FA series is an amazing version of Roland’s collections that gives a dramatic feel to the music workstation, making it an effortless, super-fast workflow, and max versatility. The Roland FA-08 can support all kinds of music and it comes with a huge sound collection acquired from the flagship INTEGRA-7, expressive real-time controls, and tons of studio quality effect. It also comes with onboard sampling with zero load time for fast audio playback from the 16 backlit pads.

Roland FA-08 keyboard workstation

The sequencers feature simple operation & non-stop recording that allows you to capture ideas and songs as they come and move them as multitrack data to utilize with your DAW. Flowing effortlessly into all parts of your imaginative world.

  You can buy the Roland FA-08 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

The FA-08 changes quickly from standalone use to becoming the command center of your computer music studio, with DAW transport controls, powerful real-time controller, USB MIDI/audio interfacing, and many more features.


  • Comes with pre-programmed music feature.
  • Not difficult to operate.
  • Keys are touch sensitive.
  • It can be easily transported.


  • Has no external editors.
  • The instructions are not too clear to follow.

#4. Roland FP-50 Digital Piano

The FP-50 looks very basic at first sight. It comes with about ninety rhythm types, each having two variations. The FP-50 is a classic piano that has an authentic feel, this is a feature most musicians that want to have the traditional feel will appreciate a lot.

Roland FP-50

This keyboard is lightweight, compact and portable which makes it easier to transport to different locations. As you know, a musician is always on the go, so he needs instruments that are easy to carry around.

  You can buy the Roland FP-50 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

Getting a high-quality instrument that is easy to move around is not always easy that’s why the FP-50 is a great choice for musicians. With the size of this keyboard, it’s also perfect to keep it in the house because it won’t occupy too much space.

The FP-50 is suitable for musicians at all levels – whether you be a beginner or a pro, this keyboard will serve you right. The features on this instrument are not much which makes it a better starting point for those who are just learning.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Has an authentic feel.
  • Has a variety of rhythms.
  • Quite easy to use.


  • Not the best option for professional use.

#5. Roland RP-102 Digital Piano

If you are looking for the best Roland keyboard to learn on, then the RP-102 will be your best option. With the 102’s Piano Partner 2 music learning iOs/Android app, it becomes easy to use it as a learning tool. The RP-102 comes with the PHA-4 keyboard action & SuperNATURAL sound engine that help to create a realistic and outstanding piano experience.

roland rp-102

If you are also considering the price of the piano you want to buy, the RP-102 is the most affordable amongst Roland’s. So as a beginner, you may not have to break the bank to start learning how to play. There a lot of features on Roland RP-102 that will thrill and encourage beginners to want to do more.

  You can buy the Roland RP-102 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • Best keyboard for beginners.
  • Relatively cheap compared to other models.
  • Compatible with Android and iOs.
  • Create realistic sound.


  • Not a good option for a  pro.

#6. Roland Juno-DS88 Digital Keyboard

For seasoned professionals looking for a keyboard that will offer pro sound and enhanced features, the Juno-DS88 is the best option to turn to. This keyboard comes with tons of sound options to choose from including acoustic piano, various organs, electric piano, and a lot of other sounds that may be useful to you when performing on stage.

Roland Juno-DS88

If you think the sound options available are not enough for you, there is a slot where you can download more sounds from the company’s web address. The DS88 is a magnificent synthesizer that’s portable and compact for performers to move from one location to another.

  You can buy the Roland Juno-DS88 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

One great feature most performers look out for in a keyboard is its versatility. If a keyboard has the ability to play a bunch of different music, then it becomes a good target for performers. This keyboard has these functions and because it’s mobile, it becomes a preferred choice for most performances.

The keys are touch sensitive which give you a nice feel when you touch. Pianists find this feature very important. As a new pianist, it is also easy to use a synthesizer, which makes it a nice choice for the beginners and the longtime users.


  • The keys are touch sensitive.
  • It is portable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Produces realistic sounds.
  • It comes with a variety of sound options.


  • As a beginner, the RP-102 still remains a better choice for you.

#7. Roland FP-30 Digital Keyboard

The Roland FP-30 can serve as either a stationary keyboard for home use or one that can be carried to different locations. The feel and sound of this piano is the same as with any authentic piano. The FP-30 is lightweight and portable, thus making it possible to perform with it in any place. Also, it is small enough to occupy any limited space left in the room.

roland fp-30 digital piano

Another amazing thing about this piano is the Bluetooth feature, allowing you to plug your piano to your mobile device. You can get thirty different sounds to use from this keyboard. This may not be too much, but if you don’t want to spend much on a digital piano, then this should be good for you.

  You can buy the Roland FP-30 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • Has the ability to use USB.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • Has Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Produces authentic sound.


  • It lacks onboard sounds.
  • Sound quality is not the best when compared with other models.

#8. Roland VR-09 V-Combo Organ

The VR-09 is the last on our list, but you’d be making a big mistake to think that it’s the least. It excellent mobility features make it one to consider when looking for the best Roland keyboard to buy. Some of the numerous features of this piano include the electric piano and grand piano sounds.

Roland VR-09

Another great feature of this piano is the synth options it comes with. This ranges from the timeless vintage classics to the modern options that offer music a new edge. The VR-09 also has an onboard looper, with a range of selection of drum sounds and rhythm in its library. This digital keyboard is very user-friendly which makes it possible for players of all level to use.

  You can buy the Roland VR-09 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • Suitable for all player levels.
  • It is portable.
  • Offers a wide range of sounds.
  • Has onboard looper.


  • Limited MIDI.


You will have to have a plan on the type of keyboard you want to buy – either it is meant for a beginner or for an advanced player. Our list of the best Roland keyboard above covers for any category of player you belong to.

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