Best Touch-Sensitive Keyboard – What Are Your Top Choices?

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If you are hoping to get more information on budget and top-quality touch-sensitive keyboard, you are in the right place. Playing a keyboard should not be a difficult task. In other words, you don’t need to hit the keys hard to make the note to sound proper.

There are numerous brands producing touch-sensitive keyboards. Here we will look into features of some incredible touch-sensitive keyboards and buying guard to enable you to make the right decision without hesitation.

What does touch-sensitive keyboard mean?

kid piano lessonsHas your piano teacher ever told you that you need a touch-sensitive keyboard? If yours have, it then means you should get a keyboard that is touch-sensitive. In others, one in which the piano notes’ response depends mainly on the force you exert while playing.

If you touch the keys softly, you will end up getting a soft sound. On the other hand, when you hit the keys harder, you will hear loud music. Touch-sensitive keyboards are entirely different from the weighted keys, and we will look at the differences shortly. With touch-sensitive keys, the hammers on the piano hit the strings of the instrument with an equal force exerted by the player.

If you are new to piano playing, touch-sensitive having a touch-sensitive keyboard can help you progress faster. You can with a weighted key or different keyboard, but the impact will be felt more when you are using a touch response keyboard.

The beauty of the touch response or velocity sensitive keyboard as fondly called is the ease of playing one. And whether you are a beginner or advanced pianist, using this type of keys will give you the music a new dimension. As a beginner, it will also help you concentrate more on the variations of each note, finger positioning, and location of different keys, rather than the loudness of the keys.

Touch-Sensitive Keyboard Buying Guide

This guide right here will help you decide on the right keyboard to choose. The numerous options on the market are the reason why such guides are ideal for first-time buyers to read through. So before you buy a touch-sensitive keyboard, read this guide till the end. It also applies to other types of keyboards, in fact, keyboards in general.

Consider your budget

First, know that touch-sensitive keyboards come with different price tags. So before you make buying decision, you need first to consider your budget size and the quality of what you are buying.

Approaching the market without consulting a keyboard buying guide or review will leave you confused at the choices you will encounter on the market. Also, to make the right decision, you can compare prices of various keyboards to know the one that is both budget-friendly and a bit on the quality side.

Know what you want

digital piano

Your choice of buying a touch-sensitive keyboard should not be influenced by your friends’ comments or because they have one. You need to know what you want and make an effort to have them.

Your reason for buying a touch-sensitive keyboard should be something you should determine from the very beginning. Most beginners, for instance, would prefer a keyboard with weighted keys so that they can build muscles on each finger.

However, the touch-sensitive keys don’t build muscles on the fingers like the weighted keys. But you will enjoy listening to yourself play as all the notes are likely going to produce a bright and warm sound.

Number of keys

Another thing to consider before buying a keyboard is the number of keys. The digital keyboard can have as low as 25 to as high as 88 keys. There are many things you need to pay attention to when considering the right choice for your piano journey. One of them is the nature of music you intend to play. Space restriction is also a vital point to consider when making a choice.

Best Touch-Sensitive Keyboard Reviews

If you are struggling to decide on the right keyboard to choose, you can make your selection from the following list of keyboards. These are digital keyboards made to offer plays opportunity to flex their skills and progress faster with respect to keyboard learning and playing. Let’s take a look at our list of the best touch-sensitive keyboard models below.

#1. CASIO LK 280

Casio LK-280 keyboard

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If you are a beginner hoping to make it far in your piano journey, the Casio LK 280 is the ideal starter digital keyboard to splash the cash on. This musical instrument is pocket-friendly and comes with everything you need as a beginner to progress incredibly fast. You will benefit significantly from the instrument’s Step-teaching feature, which offers useful instructions that guide beginners from the very beginning.

The Casio LK280 is single-handedly made by Casio, one of the world’s best keyboard producers that have been dominating the industry for many decades. The instrument has 61 touch response keys rated as two sensitivity levels.

The Casio LK280 features the unique lighted keys that will help direct you on where next to play and the proper finger arrangement, which is an important lesson for starters looking to progress faster in finger placement.

The keyboard also has 600 built-in tones and other features that would take your music career to the next phase without delay. You will find features like digital effects, five-song recorder, USB port and input where you can connect a microphone.


  •    Portable.
  •    Budget-friendly.
  •    Easy to setup.
  •    Well-built touch responsive keys.


  • A change of stand might be required.
  • Headphones can use a replacement.

#2. Casio CTK 3200

Casio CTK-3200 touch sensitive keyboard

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As a beginner, an ideal entry-level keyboard should not cost a fortune. That is what pioneer keyboard makers like Casio have made music lovers understand. The CTK 3200 is in a class of its own. And the fact that one does not need to break the bank to purchase their first keyboard makes the Casio CTK 3200 an ideal investment.

If you want to progress in your musical journey faster, this CTK3200 would be an excellent buy for you. It is a touch-sensitive digital keyboard, one that will make keyboard lessons much easier for you and your teacher.

It also comes built with incredible features like the flagship Step-up Lesson System. The instrument also has special audio inputs for your MP3 player and a USB port that makes MIDI implementation possible.

Though appearance doesn’t help in making one learn faster, the Casio CTK 3200 is worthy of admiration. The keyboard resembles the acoustic piano and does look cheap in any way. What about the digital effects?

Splendid! You can use them to add reverb to give your music more depth and style. And do not forget this is also a touch response or sensitive keyboard.


  •    Lightweight.
  •    Easy to use.
  •    Great price tag.
  •    Touch-sensitive notes.
  •    Tones produced are great.


  •    Not that easy to setup.

#3. Yamaha PSR E-363

Yamaha PSR-E-363 portable keyboard

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Another budget-friendly and well-built entry-level keyboard are the Yamaha PSR E-363. And like Casio, Yamaha have also flourished in this industry. The company is known to produce quality and affordable keyboard for various categories.

The PSR-E363 is a portable digital keyboard suitable for beginners and individuals that enjoy playing regularly. It is made last longer and comes with incredible features that can make learning how to play more natural.

Plus you can connect it to your mobile device or computer system with ease.

This keyboard is also touched sensitive, meaning when you hit the notes hard, the sound will be louder and vice versa. It also features onboard lessons, and with the Yamaha Education Suite installed in the instrument, you can practice whenever you wish using preset songs.

In terms of size, the Yamaha PSR E-363 is also portable and easy to transport. It is not as heavy as most keyboards at this price point. It can also fit into a smaller-sized from or played anywhere you like.


  •    Portable.
  •    Touch-sensitive.
  •    Good piano tone.
  •    Record and playback feature.


  •    The power adaptor is sold independently.
  •    Notes have no letterings on the keys.
  •    LCD brightness needs improvement.

#4. Yamaha NP12

yamaha np12 portable keyboard

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This lightweight and portable keyboard captures the heart of many beginners. It also has an exquisite tone that would make many to doubt its price tag when hearing how good it sounds from a distance.

You would not believe the price tag of this 61-key touch-sensitive keyboard when you hear how good it sounds. It does not produce the usual tinny sound that most boards at this price point have. Judging by the aesthetics, the Yamaha NP12 is impressive but could use some little upgrade. But looks aside, the built-in speaker and portability make the instrument a steal at this price point.

Another feature that set this keyboard apart is the battery option. And this will make it possible for you to transport anywhere, even to places without electricity. But have in mind that the keyboard is touch-sensitive and lacks the graded hammer standard (GHS) feature, meaning you won’t feel like you are playing an acoustic piano.


  •    Battery powered.
  •    Great piano sound.
  •    Lightweight and portable.
  •    Touch-sensitive keys.
  •    Song recorder function.


  •    Volume needs upgrading.
  •    All the keys are tuned the same time.

#5. Casio LK- 265

Casio LK-265 touch sensitive keyboard

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If you need a quality keyboard that will inspire you to pour out your creativity, then the Casio LK – 265 is worth being on your list. First, it gives you access to over 400 quality tons and 100 rhythms to explore and showcase your creativity. It is also touch-sensitive and allows you to take 3 steps-lessons.

The light up keys and teaching features on this keyboard are great for beginners who are serious about learning fast. Even kids can learn faster with it too. It helps with easy identification of the notes. And you could start learning with one hand and do the same for the other.

The Casio LK – 265 is also built in a way that you can add MIDI files with ease, and practice with the lighted keys. The keyboard and stand are also easy to set up. And one thing that makes it more beginner-friendly is the ease of use. Plus it does not only offer a new dimension to music learning, but a unique way to have fun.

The lightweight of this 61-key touch-sensitive keyboard will also make it possible for you to transport to any location you want with ease.


  •    Lighted keys.
  •    Touch-sensitive.
  •    Great price tag.
  •    Solid piano stand.
  •    Impressive volume control.


  •    Headphones not the best of quality.
  •    Majority of features are hidden.

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#6. Casio CTK-3500

casio ctk-3500 keyboard

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This Casio keyboard is ideal for beginners and intermediate players. It features 61 keys and it’s also touch-sensitive, giving you the freedom to flow on the keyboard with ease. In other words, like every other well-built touch response boards, you can hit harder if you want louder sound. Less force on the keys will give you a softer and more enjoyable sound too.

The Casio CTK-3500 has the Step up-lesson feature that makes learning a breeze. Another feature you will enjoy if you are a music lover is the audio input which makes it easier to connect an MP3 player to the instrument.

And as peculiar to Casio, the CTK-3500 is built to last with high innovations and superior technology.

Like most entry-level keyboards Casio has ever made, the CTK-3500 is built with the needs of players, especially beginners in mind. It features well over 400 high-quality tones and 150 rhythms. Plus there are other features in this keyboard that makes learning much easier for beginners.


  •    Quality sound.
  •    MIDI Capable.
  •    Stand is sturdy.
  •    Easy to navigate LCD screen.


  •    Volume needs to be upgraded.
  •    Music stand unable to hold music sheets in place.


Touch-sensitive keyboards are what most teachers recommended to their students. And the keyboards on this list are all touch-sensitive. They are also budget-friendly and suitable for beginners and entry-level players. Or you can start with these and upgrade when you have the funds for a more expensive keyboard or one that is a step higher. But rest assured that these keyboards will serve you for many years.