8 Best Yamaha Keyboards For Beginners And Experienced

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Yamaha prides in its popularity among the musical instrument brands around the world. The company specializes in the production of best Yamaha keyboards. These instruments are designed with a wide range of features. Yamaha keyboards offer the best acoustic sound that soothes your ear. Overall, the company considers a variety of features in the design suitable for diverse customer needs.

Why Choose Yamaha Keyboards?

Yamaha has earned high reputation and popularity in the music industry for years. Most experienced musicians would consider Yamaha Keyboards on their shopping checklist. Yamaha deals in high-quality instruments that are most impressive to both beginners and experienced players.

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This discussion focusses on the most popular Yamaha keyboards best for your musical shopping checklist. This post also looks into the reviews of best Yamaha keyboards with a helpful buying guide that fits your budget.

Many reasons cause music fanatics and instructors to buy and vote for Yamaha keyboards. Below is a list of ideas on why you should make an investment on a Yamaha keyboard based affordability and realistic performance.

Diversity of Choices

Yamaha has a wide range of keyboards that feature great sound, robust design, and unique components. All these factors contribute to the company’s popularity and brand value. Whether you are an expert musician looking for a keyboard that has acoustic sounds, you will undoubtedly get one from Yamaha.

Competition Check

Yamaha is a reputable manufacturer, and you cannot doubt their products. However, other brands that make quality keyboards do exist. These companies impress their buyers by a vast range of factors including sound quality, price and more.

However, Yamaha stands out of the crowd by implementing the latest technology in the creation of valuable keyboards.

Quality Construction

Yamaha prides in the production of perfect and well-designed keyboards that last longer. We focus on the construction quality when identifying the best Yamaha keyboards. This helps us to pick on samples that are excellent in sound projection, quality, and handling.

Each member of our reviewed keyboards below has a long-lasting design and excellent artistry.

Realistic Performance

Some of the essential features of a superior keyboard include the sound quality and critical action. As such, these two aspects have to be remembered in your shopping checklist. You have high chances of finding the right keyboard that has the perfect functionality of keys and well fits your requirements.

Additional Features

Yamaha keyboards sell with extra features. You do not doubt getting an exciting feature on a Yamaha keyboard. As such, your playing experience becomes enjoyable and much appealing.

Types of Yamaha Keyboards

Identifying the right keyboard for a given purpose is not an easy task. Each keyboard series has a variety of products. In this case, it is essential to know the product you intend to buy. What are the different Yamaha keyboards?


yamaha synthesizerThese keyboards are mostly designed with the intention of sound production. A large number of synthesizers are based on samples. They generate sound by use of prerecorded sounds. If you are out for a music production keyboard, it is vital to define your needs in advance before you shop for a synthesizer. Yamaha has various synthesizers suitable for a variety of budgets, styles, and skill level. See also: Best Synthesizer Keyboard

Keyboard Workstations

Typically, a workstation simplifies the composition, recording alongside with music production. A variety of workstations comprises many features including CD writers, multitrack recording, audio recording and more.

Provision of enough polyphony is a vital aspect to consider in a buying guide for a good Yamaha workstation. The polyphony should manage recorded playing and passages without issues. Yamaha sells workstations that offer you the right features you need in handling the keyboard. See also: Best Keyboard Workstation

Arranger Keyboards

Arranger keyboard acts as a partner to the songwriting process. It has several features that simulate the process of songwriting. In other cases, it is known as a band in a box. In this case, it provides the sequence of sounds and tools that present the idea of creating a whole song. Most arrangers do not have excellent sound engines. However, Yamaha still provides some that offer useful features and sound that are essential in live performance and composition.

Portable Keyboards

best yamaha keyboardOverall, these keyboards are best for newbies. Unlike arrangers, these keyboards comprise of essential sequencing functions. Most of these features enhance the learning process that introduces the beginner to the keyboard sequence. Portable keyboards are suitable for first time learning and experimenting. They are moveable for natural learning and fun anytime anywhere.

Digital Pianos

These pianos fall into two major categories that are the stage and the console pianos. There is always a difference between these two classes regarding the intended purpose. As the names suggest, the stage piano is used for stage performances whereas the console piano is meant for domestic use. The exterior design quickly portrays the difference between the two categories. Most of them use the same electronic features and sounds. See also: Best Digital Pianos under $1000

Electronic Organ

Usually, Yamaha electronic organs are created in line with the spinet electronic organs. They are commonly referred to as Eletone. The organs are fully automated with a variety of sounds, accompaniment, and effects. Besides, they are capable of keeping programming data on memory gadgets.

MIDI Keyboard Controllers

Yamaha MIDI Controllers are designed with many components including the knobs, pads, and keys. The intended purpose determines the selection of a good MIDI controller. If the goal is based on synth work, consider going for a MIDI controller that has your preferred style. Therefore, preferred choices that meet your needs should be on the forefront in a decision to acquire a keyboard controller.

A. Best Yamaha Keyboards for Beginners

A quick rundown of our best Yamaha keyboards for beginners is shown below.

#1. Yamaha EZ-220

yamaha ez-220 keyboard

Buy from Amazon

This 61 touch-sensitive keyboard was our best pick for beginners under ten years. It has several features that offer quality to the children. The Yamaha EZ-220 is a fun instrument that motivates learning among beginners.

It comes in a package of an SXKS stand, PA-130 power supply, lighted keys (touch sensitive), and HP30 stereo headphones. Other components include 100 accompaniment styles and a sum of 392 great instrument voices.

The 100 built-in songs comprise of one demo song that makes learning easier. The manual provides the learner with an EZ-220 Page Tuner IPad app, Fingering guide and a Yamaha Education Suite.


  • The Yamaha EZ-220 is provided with a serial number, which uniquely identifies the item.
  • Built-in wireless connectivity makes your playing much more comfortable with a simple turn on the button even if you are playing for the first time.
  • The lighted keyboard motivates the child to perform by following the lighted keys as they play the songs.
  • The Yamaha Education Suite is included in the premium bundle to offer several ways of learning how to play the instrument.
  • Touch sensitive keys communicate a response to the pace at which you strike the keys.
  • The EZ-220 sells at an affordable price of around 300 bucks alongside with a stand and headphones. This price may drop regarding the kind of outlet you choose to make your purchase.
  • A whole set of 100 preset songs provides an extra resource for learning and playing.
  • The EZ-220 can be connected to a computer by a USB host port. This offers you the chance of accessing a variety of music programs for both entertainment and education.
  • Unlimited built-in voices (392) for your liking including guitars, strings, synthesizers, brass, drums and more.
  • 100 presets of styles serve as virtual bands always make playing fun.


  • The keyboard is packed in a transparent material.
  • It is far from the most affordable kit on the market.

#2. Yamaha P-45

yamaha p45 digital piano

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Do you plan to train your fingers on how to play weighted keys? Do not worry! We have got you covered. P-45 Digital Piano prides in its 88 weighted keys that makes it ideal for the practice of an acoustic piano. The premium bundle includes the P-45 Digital Piano; sustain pedal, music rest, and power adapter. The keyboard is stylish, slim and has a depth of not more than 12 inches. The P-45 weighs precisely 25 lb.


  • The 88 weighted keys suggest an amazing acoustic piano with excellent playing experience.
  • Has a set of 10 various voices comprising of digital tones sampled from factual Yamaha acoustic pianos.
  • Requires less storage space because of its slim design.
  • In-built Dual Mode simulates the capability of combining a pair of voices for a fantastic playing experience.
  • The instrument is stamped with a serial number for easy identification.
  • The metronome feature helps you to mark-time while running through the scales.
  • You may opt to use the transpose function in practicing different passages before embarking on the original key.
  • Sold with stand, bench, and other resourceful materials for educational purposes.
  • Additional headphones enable you to practice privately.
  • Features split modes for secure interactive practices with your trainer.


  • The built-in speakers do not produce the highest quality.
  • No built-in MIDI or audio recorder.

B. Best Yamaha Keyboards for Intermediate

Let’s take a look at another model that suits for intermediate level players. There are some of the best Yamaha Keyboards for Intermediate players, they include:

#1. Yamaha PSR-E453

yamaha psr-e453 portable keyboard

The PSR-E453 is the ultimate keyboard for newbies and intermediate keyboard players. The instrument is handy for both songwriters who need good sounds and style. Intermediate players also find it much beneficial for improving their skills on this keyboard. It is sold alongside with other useful components to help you in learning. As such, it best falls under Yamaha beginner keyboards.

  You can buy the Yamaha PSR-E453 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • USB and MIDI connectivity enables you to connect the instrument to the computer for the exchange of data.
  • This product is stamped with a serial number for unique identification.
  • Has a set of 378 Music Database titles alongside with 220 styles to give the learner a natural hands-on during practice.
  • Inbuilt 10 DSP samples of effects enable you to change the quality of the selected voice for quality production.
  • Features the Live Control Mode and five DJ patterns that motivates the learner through entertainment.
  • Has 48-note polyphony to enable you to benefit from less dropped notes alongside with more significant control compared to the tendency with a reduced note count.


  • Nongraded synth style keys are not appealing.

#2. Yamaha PSR-EW400 Portable Keyboard

yamaha psr-ew400 keyboard

The PSR-EW400 is one of the most appropriate keyboards for intermediate keyboard players. This keyboard resembles the PSR-E453. However, it comprises 76 keys compared to the previous model that has 61. The kit comprises of the 76-key Yamaha portable keyboard, the adjustable keyboard bench, and the adjustable keyboard stand. This model is ideal as a starter instrument. But, it also a great alternative for experienced players who are looking for advanced features.

Buy from Amazon


  • With 76 keys and 48-note polyphony, you have the advantage of less dropped notes and much powerful control unlike with a lower note count.
  • Pitch Bend and DSP Effects add variation to the selected voice.
  • Has a set of 758 great sounds including live grand piano. This gives you unlimited options to choose from your desired voice category such as guitar, piano, brass, strings and more.
  • Bass reflexed speakers produce a refined sound that pleases to bring a sense of motivation to the learner.
  • Assignable knobs can be controlled in real-time.
  • Touch-responsive keys make it easier for the learner while running through the scales.
  • Quite compact in shape perfect for gigs.


  • Smaller LCD
  • Song sequencer makes you re-record entire track in case of a mistake.

#3. Yamaha DGX-660

yamaha dgx-660 keyboard piano

Yamaha DGX-660 is one of the world’s leading concert piano with 88 weighted keys. The premium bundle comprises of the DGX-660, power code, piano book, DVD, headphones, dust cover, sustain pedal, Knox piano bench, and sheet stand.

The keyboard is designed with inbuilt artist songbooks alongside with audio recording/playback via USB port. With so many features, the DGX-660 is probably the best value Yamaha keyboard and one of the best Yamaha keyboards under $1000.

Buy from Amazon


  • Excellent sounds with effective performance.
  • Provides an acoustic feel by the action of the graded hammer key.
  • The knobs and controls are easy to manage giving offering excellent playing experience to the user.
  • Designed with a wide range of features that simulate fun playing for everyone.
  • A versatile keyboard that allows a microphone connection for the user to sing while performing at the same time. The sound produced by the singer is processed in the keyboard and created by its inbuilt speakers as output.
  • Wireless connectivity function enables you to connect the instrument with your gadget.
  • The display presents a clear score and lyric for easy tuning.


  • Has limited internal storage of about 1.7 Mbs that requires further expansion with an external drive.
  • Difficult to access menu interface.

#4. Yamaha YDP-143

yamaha arius ydp143r digital piano

Yamaha YDP-143 has a CF Sound Engine that reproduces the tone of a sampled Yamaha concert grand piano. The weighted keys are quite heavier in the low section keys and lighter in the high section of the keyboard resembling an acoustic piano. Both the built-in memory and the music book have 50 standard piano songs.

  You can buy the Yamaha YDP-143 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 


  • The great hammer standard action gives strength to your fingers as you play the keys.
  • Its elegance and simplicity portray the image of an acoustic piano in your place.
  • As a digital piano, you do not need to tune it and worry about its maintenance and storage.
  • The auto power off function causes the power turns off automatically after some time in case you forget.
  • CF Sound Engine simulates grand piano tones that are sorted from a Yamaha concert grand to express an acoustic piano sound in your playing.
  • Controller Ios App simulates an excellent graphical user interface that makes it easier for you to navigate and configure the instrument.
  • Song recorder function has two user tracks for a one hand easy practice and recording.
  • Half-damper makes you achieve exceptional subtlety and nuance playing experience.
  • 50 built-in songs accessible in the songbook for practice and fun playing.


  • May not fit the budget of a newbie player.
  • The piano is stationed in one place hence limited portability.
  • Heavy.

C. Best Yamaha Keyboards for Advanced Players

If you are an advanced player, perhaps the previous Yamaha models we already mentioned above are not suits for your needs right now. So if you are looking for other models that offer more great features, you can consider these following keyboards.

#1. Yamaha Montage Synthesizer Workstation
(Montage6, Montage7, Montage8)

yamaha montage 8 synthesizer

Montage is classified in the category of best Yamaha keyboard synthesizer on the market today. The unit has a whole lot of features that rank it a top-rated Yamaha keyboard. It was crowned as the first hardware instrument of 2016 in the Music Tech Gold Award. The weighted hammer action keys plus the built-in sound engines makes the device excellent workstations in the music stores. There are three models/sizes of Yamaha Montage: (61-key = Montage6)(76-key = Montage7)(88-key = Montage8). Some of the features include:

  You can buy the Montage 8 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

  • Motion sequences are synchronized regarding tempo and can be assigned to any parameter of the synthesizer to give great ways of music production.
  • Motion control engine joins and manages the two iconic sound engines.
  • Montage has great stereo outputs alongside with the Pure Analogue Circuit that converts digital signals to analog.
  • Loaded with a variety of sound effects including reverbs and virtual circuit modeling.
  • Eight rotary faders and encoders add variations to the sound.
  • FM-X and AWM2 functions simulate the fun of the 128 polyphony and control of a wide range of unusual sounds.
  • Has 88 algorithms and offers the capability of using the dual Insert FX in the entire 16 parts.

Cons (Montage8)

  • Blinking Super Knob is distracting.
  • No sequencer.
  • Costs too much.

#2. Yamaha CP Series Stage Pianos

yamaha cp300 stage piano

Yamaha CP Series models are designed to meet the demands of professional keyboardists. These Stage Pianos became instant classics with their authentic sound. All in all, these are professional quality electric stage pianos. The CP Series Models include:


A premium instrument with a commitment to tradition and innovation. See product details on Amazon or GuitarCenter.


Introducing the new standard in stage pianos – the CP series. See our review here »


It is simply the best stage piano Yamaha has ever made. See our review here »


It features realistic piano sounds & touch in an incredibly compact package. See our review here »


To sum up, this post has made the process of choosing the best Yamaha keyboards much easier for you. Whether you are a newbie, intermediate player or an advanced player, you do not doubt finding the right keyboard based on our comparison.

Whether you are out for a training or just a fun keyboard, you will find a Yamaha keyboard that will meet your need. Perhaps we have exempted your requirement in our discussion, be sure to get a perfect match in either of the picks.

Various keyboards are entailed in a series. These keyboards have a variety of features and components for you to choose regarding your price and quality requirement. Overall, a Yamaha keyboard is worth for an investment if you are out for an instrument that has no disappointments.

Whether your choice is based on budget or features, you do not doubt finding one that fits. Whichever we, we are assured you will find the right Yamaha keyboard that meets requirements!