Casio CTK-2550 Review – Your Self-Teaching Professor At A Glance

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Casio does not need too many presentations in terms of portable keyboards. The CTK-2550 model is currently one of the many top rated items from this manufacturer. It is the right option for aspiring pianists, new keyboard players, and even more advanced users. But then, what makes it stand out in the crowd? This Casio CTK-2550 review will answer all your questions.

Features of Casio CTK-2550

Casio CTK-2550

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Being mostly directed to the least experienced user, the CTK-2550 model aims to make music playing and creation a breeze. For this reason, it comes with 400 built-in tones. Every aspiring musician will find them handy, as they can save lots of guesswork, trial, and error. At this point, all you need is some imagination to come up with unique music.

Playability Standards

Featuring 61 keys, the portable keyboard is suitable for beginners, but it also makes a good backup tool for experienced users. It may not resemble a traditional acoustic piano, but it will get the job done – no doubts about it.

The touch response is quite low though – one of the main differences between this model and an acoustic piano. However, this feature is what makes portable keyboards so lightweight. This model weighs around 10 pounds – easy to move around, even by children. It is a very playable option and it will seriously enhance a beginner’s experience.

Lesson System

The step-up lesson system for newbies will save you a fortune in the long run because you no longer need to hire an expert. You can learn successful and popular playing techniques by yourself. It can teach you how to play, as well as push your imagination.

There are also 60 built-in songs. You can play each of them, but also join in and add your own personal touch. The main role of these songs is to diversify your techniques since they cover a series of different styles.


Almost every Casio CTK-2250 review out there will mention the usefulness of its LCD display. It makes lessons more efficient and entertaining. It displays the right finger position to learn overnight.

There is also a grading system – it feels like an application grading your evolution, so you know precisely how well you are doing (hopefully). All in all, while the screen adds to the fancy design of the keyboard, it is mostly about feedback.

Dance Music Function

The dance music feature is practically a tune playback that you will get along with right away. Tap the button, play it and join along. It is a relatively new function, so older Casio models do not have it.

It also helps to create your own electronic music – even remix some of your favorite songs. It sounds sophisticated, but you will get used to it within minutes.


  • Chordana Play app integration.
  • Compact, affordable and lightweight.
  • Detailed LCD display for feedback.
  • Amazing step-up lesson system.
  • Auxiliary input to play over your favorite music.


  • No touch response on the keys.

Casio CTK-2550 Review – Conclusion

Simply put, this Casio CTK-2550 review makes it pretty clear – this portable keyboard for beginners can take a complete newbie and turn them into a talented player overnight.

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