Casio CTK-3200 Review – The Truth Behind A Top Portable Keyboard

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Casio is known for producing some of the most qualitative products on the market at decent prices and according to pretty much every Casio CTK-3200 review out there, this product makes no exception either. The portable piano keyboard has drawn positive attention as soon as it was released.

Features of Casio CTK-3200

It has instantly become a must-have model from the reputable manufacturer. Now, what should you know about it?

Casio CTK-3200 touch sensitive keyboard

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Keys and Sensitivity

The keyboard features 61 keys – suitable for beginners and experienced users, but not so much for professionals. For a beginner, 61 keys are more than enough. You can also find the same model with 76 keys, as well as a full 88 key keyboard.

Keys are dynamic, but most importantly, they are touch sensitive. You can add delicate notes to your songs, as well as more intense sounds based on the pressure you apply.

Voice Database

Voices are essential, especially for beginners. Basically, you can learn to play your favorite songs and maybe even enhance them with some special effects. Although Casio refers to them as voices, these are actually tones.

There are 400 built-in tones featured on this keyboard. Their main role is to add an expressive touch to your music, but also help you manage your own band – one-man orchestra backing up your piano based songs.

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You can opt for classic pianos, electric pianos, strings, guitars, trumpets, percussion and so on – plenty of categories for everyone.

Songs and Rhythms

Every keyboard comes with its own song bank and this one makes no exception. This model comes with 110 preset songs. They are quite diversified and cover multiple types of music, so you can get familiar with any style out there. Every Casio CTK-3200 review ill also mention the rhythms. There are not less than 150 rhythms to choose from.

Sampling Feature

The sampling function adds to the overall reliability of this keyboard. It should be a standard function in most keyboards, yet many manufacturers overlook it. What does it do? Simple! Connect a different device (such as your smartphone or MP3 player) and let the keyboard sample a sound from your favorite song.

You can then play it on the keyboard. You can incorporate it into other songs or just add a series of effects. Also, feel free to enhance it by playing your own music on top of it.


Every newbie should pay attention to the actual polyphony of a keyboard to prevent stressful experiences. This unit features a 48 tone maximum polyphony. If you are worried about messing up while taking a lesson, forget about it. Leave the stress behind because you have lots of margins. Note dropping? Not going to happen.


  • Touch sensitive keys.
  • Impressive amount of voices, rhythms, and songs.
  • USB and MIDI support.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Automatic shutdown feature.


  • Keys are not weighted.


No Casio CTK-3200 review will ever blame the features of this keyboard and it is easy to tell why. It provides great value for money and will not disappoint in this venture.

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