Casio CTK-6200 Review – Ideal For Both Newbies And Experts

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Casio CTK-6200 Review – Casio CTK-6200 has gained notoriety for its unusual range. Basically, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. It features bells and whistles that you normally find in higher end keyboards, yet it is in the cheap keyboard segment. In other words, it provides great value for money.

Features of Casio CTK-6200

Casio CTK6200 keyboard piano

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Here is a detailed Casio CTK-6200 review of what to expect:

Effects and Tones

A beginner keyboard will rarely exceed 400 tones. The CTK-6200 model aims to push things a bit further and features not less than 700 voices. They are all crystal clear and underline high-quality standards.

Sure, it might feel a bit overwhelming. You will never use so many tones in your songs, but having choices pays off, especially over time. Other than that, you also have 210 rhythms for some variety. Simply put, you are less likely to get bored with this keyboard around.

Digital Effects

Digital effects carry some similar standards. You want variety and choices. However, you would think the keyboard would be done with 700 tones, but no. It also comes with a unique Casio program that brings a series of digital effects. You can customize your music in the smallest details. Some of these tones include five different choruses, 10 reverbs and 100 DSP types.

Editing Music

No Casio CTK-6200 will ever complain about the possibility to edit tones and rhythms for even more customization. The same goes for the voices. If you truly love one of their effects but you feel like it could be better, go ahead and modify it a bit. If you are happy with the outcome, you can save your additions to the gallery in a specific user voice section.

Recording Studio Capabilities

Some of the features in the CTK-6200 models are similar to what you can get in high-end models. The sequencer is built-in and gives you access to 16 tracks, as well as a special track that can take five songs.

What does it mean? Simple! You can record 16 tones or instruments for recording abilities. If you have ever dreamed to have your own band, your dream has just become reality. You will be backed by a massive band while being by yourself – one-man orchestra.

Key Sensitivity

The key sensitivity is not normally a feature in piano keyboards in this range. It means that the harder you press on a key, the louder it becomes. This feature allows the learning technique. Classic pianos are built this way, so knowing how to use it right will make the transition easier at some point.

Moreover, you can also put some sense into your music. For example, the melody can be louder than the actual accompaniments.


  • Plenty of digital effects.
  • SD card support.
  • Touch sensitive keys.
  • Multi-Track Recording Studio.
  • Beginner friendly.


  • No lighted keys.
  • No self-teaching lessons.

Casio CTK-6200 Review – Conclusion

In the end, this Casio CTK-6200 review makes it quite obvious – Casio’s model is great for beginners and it makes a good choice for professional users as well. Makes a good choice for professional users as well.

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