Casio CTK-7200 Review – A Middle Option For Everyone

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Casio CTK-7200 Review – While looking for portable keyboards, you will most likely find two categories – high-end models for professionals and beginner’s tools means to help newbies learn. There is also a middle category that boosts keyboards for everyone. Great to push beginners to learn harder, fully featured to help professionals and rich in bells and whistles to make everyone happy.

Features of Casio CTK-7200

This Casio CTK-7200 review will explain why this particular model can successfully lead this in-between category.

Casio CTK7200 review

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Sampling Function

Have you ever dreamed of playing along with your favorite artist? How about “upgrading” some of your favorite songs and give them your personal touch? With the CTK-7200, all these dreams can now become a reality.

The Sound EFX Sampler is integrated on multiple devices from Casio and allows you to record sounds – such as your favorite songs or parts – to integrate them into your own music. It is doable with a built-in microphone. There is nothing to worry about the quality, as the reproduction is almost perfect and involves no background noise.

Connectivity Features

Connectivity is important, whether you want to play over your favorite songs or export your music to external devices. The AUX input allows connecting MP3 players, as well as smartphones and other similar devices.

This way, you can use the built-in speakers to play loud music from your smaller devices. You also have a classic USB MIDI port, which takes laptops, computers or iOS devices. No extra installations or drivers are required.

Furthermore, the headphone jack keeps your practice sessions private. You do not want everyone to know how hard you try, just like you do not want to disturb your family in the middle of the night. Keep it to yourself and surprise everyone when you put your first song together.

Learning Capabilities

You do not necessarily need to spend a fortune on a professor to learn how to play the piano. Instead, use the Step Up Lesson System put together by professionals for amateurs. The system is designed by Casio’s experts and aims to teach you how to play in no time.

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You have well-explained lessons that teach one thing at a time. Moreover, the system is enhanced with lighted keys, which basically show you what keys to press in order to obtain a specific rhythm.

Sounds and Rhythms

Up to 820 tones are more than enough to enhance your music with all kinds of effects. As for rhythms, you have 260 of them. The effect bank is not to be overlooked either. Most portable keyboards come with effects, but this one features 127 of them.

They are quite diversified in terms of keys and notes, so you can thoroughly explore your options. Other than that, you have five voice pads and a 64 note polyphony. Note dropping is less likely to happen as you learn.

Sizing and Portability

The keyboard measures 6 x 17 x 42 inches. It is a bit smaller than other units in its segment, despite its functionality. The secret stays in its compact profile. It is also quite portable and can be taken out for gigs and small performances.

After all, it barely weighs 17 pounds. Even children can move it from one place to another.


  • Plenty of sounds and effects.
  • Self-teaching system – no professor needed.
  • Sampling function.
  • It works on battery power.
  • Connectivity functions.
  • Detailed control panel.
  • The rhythms and percussion on board are pretty good.


  • Manual of instructions is not too user-friendly – plenty of pages and confusing at times.

Casio CTK-7200 Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, this Casio CTK-7200 review states the obvious – the CTK-7200 model is likely to impress you if you are a new or intermediary user.

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