Casio LK-260 Review – What Makes A Beginner’s Keyboard Piano Great  

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Casio LK-260 Review – There are so many portable keyboards for beginners that you barely know what to choose. Some models do stand out in the crowd though and the LK-260 from Casio is one of them. Designed with a beginner’s needs in mind, it compiles a series of useful features to prepare you for a more professional acoustic piano. This Casio LK-260 review has all the answer to your concerns, so feel free to read on.

Features of Casio LK-260

Casio LK260 review

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Learning Made Fun

Featuring 61 keys, the LK-260 has more than enough for a newbie. It aims to make learning an exciting adventure towards a grand piano. Its lighted keys go hand in hand with the unique Step Up Lesson System from Casio.

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Simply put, you gain experience in a fun way, without even needing a professor. While rated as an instructional piano, it goes way further than that. The lighted keys come with a touch response feature, not to mention the Sound EFX sampler and microphone.

Their main role is to allow you to sample parts of your favorite songs from external sources, then add your unique touch as you play along. You can play along with your favorite artists, implement the rhythm from famous songs and make popular music your own.

In terms of music customization, you have 150 rhythms, 110 songs in the song bank, 400 tones, five points pads, and a 48 note polyphony. USB MIDI connectivity is also included for third-party accessories, such as smartphones or MP3 players.

Connectivity Features

The AUX input allows connecting MP3 players or other music devices. According to almost every Casio LK-260 review, this feature enhances the versatility of the built-in speakers. Basically, you can use the speakers to play music from other devices at a higher volume.

As if all these were not enough, the USB MIDI port is great for iOS devices and computers. Forget about installing drivers – no need to. Obviously, you have a headphone jack too. You can practice without disturbing your family or waking everyone up in the middle of the night.

Sizing and Portability

The LK-260 is suitable for beginners because they can take it out and put it away once they are done practicing. If space is an issue, this keyboard becomes a must because it only measures 39 x 5 x 15 inches. Great on the go and can be taken to school too if you attend a music institution. It weighs just under 12 pounds, so even children can move it away when needed.

Control Panel

The control panel might seem overcrowded if this is your first keyboard piano, but controls are straightforward and easy to get used to. Each of them is explained, so you know exactly what you are doing – visible text on the panel.


  • Plenty of sounds and rhythms.
  • Step Up Lesson System to self-teach yourself.
  • Lighted keys for fun and easy learning.
  • Good connectivity features.
  • Sound EFX Samples feature.


  • Could have come with more extra accessories.

Casio LK-260 Review – Conclusion

Bottom line, this Casio LK-260 review makes it pretty obvious – this model does not have the luxury of a high-end unit, but it is extremely well put together and makes a perfect choice for beginners and slightly experienced users.

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