Casio LK-280 Review – Learn Useful Facts And Features

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We are constantly looking for digital pianos that come with impressive features, advanced design and so much more. At the same time, we are looking for affordable and interesting models. As such, we will want to present the Casio LK-280 review and explain why this unit stands out from the crowd.

Features of Casio LK-280

Casio LK-280 keyboard

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2 sensitivity levels

One of the first things we will mention in our Casio LK-280 review is the keyboard. After all, this element is the most important when it comes to all digital pianos and as such, it deserves to be in the first place. The tested unit comes with a 61-key keyboard and with 2 sensitivity levels. It is the best in this class.

600 tones

You will be surprised by the number of tones the Casio LK-280 has to offer. There are 600 of them which is a great thing. Why? Similar models have 400 tones, so you get 200 extra ones, which is impressive if you consider the price tag of this model.

180 rhythms and 152 built-in songs

Here we can see another advantage compared to the models from the same price range. The Casio LK-280 comes with 180 rhythms which is better if you know that similar models have 150 rhythms. While others have 110 built-in songs, this one has 152, which is an impressive advantage as well.

Learning feature

Of course, we are referring to the ability of the digital piano to help you learning play music better than ever before. Casio makes some of the most appealing entry-level digital pianos with this system, so it is just right for most beginners and even for some intermediate users.

6 track recorder

If you want to record as you play, the tested model is once again an excellent choice. Not only it allows for you this advantage, but it will also make sure you can record up to 6 tracks at the same time.


  • Value for money.
  • Excellent color choice.
  • Number of rhythms and built-in songs.
  • Tones.


  • Some elements are made of cheap plastics.
  • Isn’t suitable for professionals.

Who Should Consider Casio LK-280?

By now you already know that a mandatory section in our Casio LK-280 review is the answer to, who should consider this model in question. Let’s just say that it is designed and made for beginners.

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This unit comes with all the essentials you are going to need and something more. It is also affordable, which is something most beginners pay a close attention to. For intermediate users, it may be insufficient but some of them will be satisfied as well.

Of course, this isn’t a professional digital piano so we would not recommend it for professional musicians.

Casio LK-280 Review – Conclusion

The last part of the Casio LK-280 review is to tell you the verdict of this unit. It is an excellent value for money and probably the best in its class. All we can add is that this is the best, entry-level digital piano you can have at the moment.

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