Casio MZ-X500 Review – Excellent Portable Piano For Professionals

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We want to introduce the Casio MZ-X500 and to reveal a few of its secrets. The first thing we all liked is the looks of this particular model. It is stunning and probably one of the most desirable units on the market today. However, our Casio MZ-X500 review must provide you with some accurate data and as such, we will include the main features, pros, and cons of the mentioned model.

Features of Casio MZ-X500

Casio MZ-X500 review

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  • 1,100 presets; 330 Rhythms.
  • Polyphony: 128 Note.
  • Type of Keys: 3 Sensitivity levels.
  • Built-in Speakers: Yes.
  • Packed with new sounds: organs, guitars, brass, basses, drums, and more.
  • Expansion Memory: 256MB.
  • Monophonic and HexLayer sounds.
  • Expression Pedal Input.
  • New Vintage Drawbar Organ System.
  • SMF import.
  • Pattern Recording with 100 user rhythms.
  • New Rhythm Controller.
  • Instruments with multiple articulations: Glissandos, Mutes, Harmonics.
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1100 Polyphony

The first thing you will notice is the number of polyphony notes. There is 1100 of them which is one of the highest numbers we encountered in a long period of time. Precisely this feature is going to make the Casio MZ-X500 review highly interesting to the highest number of users. At the same time, this is an advanced digital piano with a lot to offer.

AUX and MIDI connectivity

As you can see, the tested model comes with AUX and MIDI connection features. Both of them are essential for professional musicians and both of them are more than just desirable according to the latest standards. In addition, you can also connect one pedal and a mic.

Color Touch Interface

All the tones can be easily adjusted and adapted to suit your needs thanks to the system known as Color Touch Interface. It includes versatile dials and knobs that work in real time and can help you get a job done in less time than ever before. Don’t forget that this is an advanced feature of the tested model and it should be important for all the professionals.

Synth-action Keys

As you may know already, there are 61 keys on this digital piano. All of them are based on the latest technology and made to look and feel better than any other. What this means is that they feel like acoustic piano keys when the music is played. Casio is considered to be the best brand when it comes to feeling and responsiveness of the keys. Sadly, there is a version with 61 keys only.

32GB USB storage

It isn’t a secret that this unit offers USB storage of 32 GB, which will be sufficient for most of you. In the case you need more, there is an upgrade available for all of the new owners which should be considered. Nevertheless, we believe that most of you won’t have a need to get additional storage.


  • Unique choice of colors.
  • Great keys.
  • Color Touch Interface.
  • Connectivity.
  • Lightweight.
  • The Hex Layer Tones.
  • Powerful onboard speakers.
  • Easy to make our own rhythms.
  • The sixteen velocity-sensitive pads are a dream.
  • Serviceable key action
  • Good for iPad instrument apps
  • Friendly user interface.


  • Built-in recording features are difficult to use.
  • UI is not good enough, hard to find settings.

Who should consider Casio MZ-X500?

The Casio MZ-X500 is truly a unique digital piano with plenty of features, great design and so much more. All of this makes it incredibly appealing. We believe that musicians who are planning to travel or to use the digital piano in different places will benefit the most out of this unit.

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After all, it is compact and easy to carry. Absolute beginners won’t get the most out of this unit, so we also believe that they aren’t the main group of new owners. Intermediate users will get plenty, but not all of what this digital piano has to offer.

Professional musicians, who are looking for a digital piano to use literally anywhere, with excellent polyphony and great key quality are the future owners of this model. They will be more than just happy with the choice.

Casio MZ-X500 Review – Conclusion

The Casio MZ-X500 review has come to the end and now is your turn to decide if this model suitable for you. All we should add is yes, most of you will make a wise investment and choice by getting this specific piano. After all, it is one of the most appealing and desirable units you can have in 2018/2019.

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