Casio PX-150 Review – Pushing Your Limits A Bit Further

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Looking for a middle range digital piano keyboard that boosts some of the features available in high-end models? Search no more. This Casio PX-150 review will introduce you to the capabilities of yet another wonderful model from Casio. So, what makes this model a front-runner in its segment?

Features of Casio PX-150

casio px-150 review

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Key Action

The keyboard is relatively new when compared to others, as it boosts a new construction. Obviously, it could not miss the authentic piano feeling, so the keys are textured like ivory and ebony.

Even if your fingers get sweaty, they will not slip off the keys. Keys are weighted, which is yet another plus – build technique for when you will have to upgrade. The sound mechanism also replicates the sound accordingly.

Sensor Action

The triple sensor action is yet another major element that makes the PX-150 dominate its range. The main role? Operating just like a real piano. Bass tones go heavy, while the treble goes light.

Given the fact that you have three different sensors under each key, the response is impressive. They will integrate the dynamics of your fingers, so press harder for loud sounds and lighter for light sounds – simple as that.


All digital pianos from Casio’s Privia collection feature USB connectivity and this one makes no exception either. You can use it along with various devices – Mac computers or Windows devices. There is no need to search, download and install any drivers at all.

The MIDI compatibility makes it even better. Feel free to download tracks to your piano or even upload your newly made music to a computer.


There are a series of voices out there, whether you are trying to add a personal touch to your songs or you want a fully managed orchestra behind your songs – bass, strings or organs, just to name a few.

The split and layer function lets you set the bass on one of the sides, while the other tones can go on another one. Do not overlook the duet mode either – two identical halves on the same piano. It is excellent for beginners (or professors).

Song Recording Feature

According to almost every Casio PX-150 review out there, the song recording function is a major plus. You can accommodate two different tracks for playback – one is enough, but two can make it better.

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The feature is excellent to study a good performance, but also to document some interesting ideas. Most people will use this feature to track their performance and progress – nothing more motivational than that.


  • Extremely realistic sound and feeling due to the textured keys.
  • Highly portable at 20 pounds in weight only.
  • Audio jack to allow silent practicing.
  • Sound sampling technology.
  • Acoustic and intelligent resonator.


  • Keys might feel too heavy for a comfortable play, yet weighted keys represent a must for progress.

Casio PX-150 Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, this Casio PX-150 review states the obvious – Casio has done it again. This mid-range keyboard has a superb sound quality and brings in some professional features, but it is still user-friendly for the least experienced players.

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