Casio PX-350 Review – What Great Value For Money Looks Like

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Casio PX-350 Review – You do not want to take chances when about to spend lots of money on a high-end instrument like a digital piano. Casio leaves no room for mistakes and its products are known for great value for money.

This Casio PX-350 review will introduce you to a middle range product that looks suitable for beginners who want to push their limits, as well as more experienced users who need a good tool for their gigs.

Features of Casio PX-350

Casio PX350 keyboard

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Keys and Technologies

The keyboard features 88 keys – just like full-size acoustic pianos. Furthermore, it comes with Casio’s patented AIR system – Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator. The system aims to perfectly reproduce the sounds of grand pianos.

Most people will barely be able to tell the difference. Another helpful technology is the Damper Resonance simulator. Its name is self-explanatory – it simulates the use of a pedal. It affects each of the 88 keys in a unique way.

It is part of a larger system of technologies implemented by Casio on each keyboard in the Privia collection. The keys are made of plastic, but you cannot tell. They are textured just like ivory and ebony, so you have a good stability even if your hands get sweaty.

Hammers add to the realistic effect – heavy close to the bass and light close to the treble. All these elements together are likely to help you build technique if you ever want to upgrade to a real piano.


No Casio PX-350 review will ever blame the connectivity. Most models from Casio carry the same high-quality standard. You have USB connectivity, so you can fit in tablets, computers or laptops. Moreover, the MIDI connection allows fitting in various MIDI devices.

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Other connectivity features include the line in and line out, as well as the headphone jack. It is suitable for those who want to practice quietly or at awkward times in the middle of the night.

Sizing and Portability

Despite being a full-size keyboard, it only measures 52×5.3×11.3 inches. It weighs 25.4 pounds, so taking it to a gig or performance is not such a big deal. Whether you play in a pub or during the local church service, you should have no issues bringing it over.

Its compact design makes it excellent for those with space issues too.

Tones and Polyphony

There are 250 built-in tones to choose from. It might seem overwhelming at first, but the good news is you do have options. Play around with them and find out what works best for your needs. The 128 key polyphony is a solid boost to play with. After all, this piano can take anything you put it through.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Good sound reproduction.
  • Connectivity features.
  • Multiple technologies.
  • Compact and portable.


  • Too much plastic in its composition.

Casio PX-350 Review – Conclusion

Bottom line, this Casio PX-350 review states the obvious – the keyboard is suitable for experienced users. It makes a good training tool for professionals too. It is not advertised for beginners. However, it can be used by someone who is new, yet truly dedicated to learning and advancing fast.

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