Casio WK-6600 Review – Check Out This Modern Digital Piano Now

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The Casio WK-6600 is a modern digital piano which is obviously based on the latest technology. As such, it comes with impressive features, even better design and a lot more you should know about it. Today, you have a unique opportunity to read the most comprehensive Casio WK-6600 review.

Features of Casio WK-6600

Casio WK-6600 review

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Song Sequencer

The Song Sequencer is definitely an advanced system in this case scenario. It comes with 16 tracks and it adds one, system track. This also means that new owners can record up to 5 tracks at the same time. The Casio WK-6600 review looks more appealing for you after this feature?

Plenty of effects

The effects that are implemented in this digital piano are truly fantastic. All the users have the ability to choose between 10 reverb types, DSP and 5 chorus effects. In other words, the digital piano offers you plenty of effects you can use while playing and create the music you precisely want.

SD memory slot

When you have a need to increase the internal storage of the digital piano, all you have to do is to insert an SD card. The Casio WK-6600 comes with a dedicated SD memory card slot and it will support memory cards of all sizes.

USB connection

It isn’t a new feature, but it is definitely an important one. The unit offers a USB port which helps you with connecting it with a computer. It will also help you with MIDI connections. The USB slot is plug and play, meaning that there is no need to install additional drivers or to complete complicated processes.

Superb sound sources

Casio was able to implement sound sources into this digital piano which stand out from the crowd. The main reason for that is the latest technology. It allowed them to record acoustic pianos to the point and without any distortion. Simply said, the sound quality is above average.


  • Sound quality.
  • Modern design.
  • USB port.
  • Memory SD card.


  • Speakers.
  • Heavy.

Who should consider Casio WK-6600?

Are you planning to purchase the Casio WK-6600? If you do, you should continue reading. We believe that for beginners, this digital piano is the best possible choice. It has all they are going to need. The situation is the same for intermediate users.

The model comes with advanced features and it is exceptional value for money. Both types of musicians will be pleased with the outcome. Professionals who want to get another digital piano to use while traveling or on a second location will find the Casio WK-6600 desirable, in the lack of a better word.

The unit is stunning and it offers all you are going to need. Of course, it isn’t a high-end digital piano that professionals will use as their primary unit.

Casio WK-6600 Review – Conclusion

In our Casio WK-6600 review, you were able to see all the pros and cons of this model. We like the sound quality, the design and the presence of useful features such as USB port and SD slot. Chances are high that you will like them as well.

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