Casio WK-7600 Review – Upping Your Game Overnight

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Casio WK-7600 Review – While Casio is better known for the entry-level 61 key piano and high end 88 key alternatives, the truth is the successful manufacturer has also produced a few models in the middle range – 64 keys.

It is the optimal choice for both beginners who want to learn fast and experienced users who need extra quality. This Casio WK-7600 review will introduce you to one of the best-rated keyboards in this range.

Features of Casio WK-7600

Casio WK7600

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Tools and Extras

The WK-7600 model is packed with a series of function to help you discover your musical creativity. For example, the Pattern Sequencer lets you use eight different tracks based on whatever kind of music you create – bass, percussion and so on.

Moreover, it lets you create your own patterns and save them as default for further uses. The Song Sequencer is not to be overlooked either – you have 17 different tracks. Plus, you can record five songs (about 30,000 notes).

Trying to make an edit? Consider it done! You are free to edit your stuff note by note. Interested in exporting your music to a different device and show your friends or professor how good you are? Check! Save your recording in the SMF (Standard MIDI File) format and export it on a classic USB stick.

Real-Time Adjustments and Tweaks

Not sure where to start from? The unit features 50 drawbars presets. What does it mean? Even if you have no experience, you can come up with a proper organ sound within seconds only. It makes no difference if you need one organ only or a whole orchestra to back you up.

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On top of all these, the DSP rotary will make the difference – proper speaker emulation. The best part is you can perform tweaks and adjustments in real time, as you actually play. Edit parameters, save patterns and save 50 different patches for later uses.

Digital Effects

Digital effects make the difference between a boring song and a masterpiece. You have 10 type of reverb, for example. Looking for some chorus effects? Check! Five of them! There are also 115 effects to play with – rotary speaker, flanger, delay or wah, just to name a few.

It is worth noting that you cannot use the chorus effect and a DSP effect at the same time though. As for other patches of your song, consider it done. Effects can be adjusted and just as you have probably guessed already, you can save 100 custom effects.

Rhythms, Sounds, and Functions

No Casio WK-7600 review will ever blame a lack of tools and functions in this model. Refining your music has never been easier and your possibilities are literally countless. Presets? 820! Built-in rhythms? 260! Keys? 76! Apart from these impressive numbers, you have an arpeggio function, a 32 channel mixer, tone editors and song sequencers.

Style and Portability

The WK-7600 measures 49x8x19 inches. It is large enough to accommodate 64 real size keys and the main buttons for settings, but it is also compact at the same time. It is great if your available space is not impressive.

Given its weight and features, it makes a good choice for gigs and live performances. It only weighs 37.2 pounds. Even your children might be able to move it around.


  • Amazing feature set.
  • One man band accompaniment.
  • Recording functions.
  • Exquisite sound quality.
  • Lots of sounds, rhythms, and effects.


  • Manual of instructions seems clunky.

Casio WK-7600 Review – Conclusion

Bottom line, this Casio WK-7600 review makes it fairly simple – the WK-7600 can and will upgrade your piano playing experience before you even realize it.

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