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Easy Piano Songs For Beginners (Kids And Adults) You Should Learn As Soon As Possible

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Obviously, if you are a beginner, you will need to start with easy piano songs. However, not all songs of this kind are ideal for you. Some are simply too difficult, some are designed for adults and other specifically for children. In order to give you the best answer or answers possible, we have divided the songs to beginner adults and beginner kids. Below is the list of the songs you should learn first.

Easy piano songs for Beginner-Kids

easy piano songs kidsSongs for kids should be melodic, funny and highly desirable. In return, your kid will have a better desire to learn them and the end result will be quicker. Below are 7 easy piano songs that are simply the best.

1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

The song is more than just popular and your kid probably knows it already. Anyway, we liked the fact it is easy to master, it offers great melody and it is something all kids like.

2. The Itsy Bitsy Spider

The song is popular among children of different ages and it has been used as a nursery song. We liked the fact children can perform different actions while playing it.

3. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Should we even explain this song? It has been one of the best-known children’s songs of all time. Children have a great time while learning how to play this song.

4. If You’re Happy and You Know It

The song is popular across the planet, but there is a catch. It contains B-flat which is difficult to play for some children. Your kid can use B instead, which makes the song a bit easier to play.

5. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, the song is something we all know. Learning how to play the song is beneficial simply because your kid will be able to play it during actual birthdays.

6. Yankee Doodle

Thanks to the fun rhythm and the bouncy words, the song is easy to play and it is very desirable. The fun factor is also high. We should add that this song has been considered a classic in the United States.

7. Wheels on the bus go round and round

For this song, you will have to help your kids learn it. Anyway, the song is great for traveling and it is easy to remember.

Easy Piano Songs for Beginner-Adults

easy piano songs adultsIf you are an adult, you will need different easy piano songs to learn first. Below is the list of 25 songs that are easy, yet very desirable to know.

1. Smoke On The Water

Smoke On The Water is a song played by Deep Purple. It has only 4 notes and it is extremely easy to master. On the other hand, it is popular and sounds perfect. The second reason why it is best for beginners you don’t have to change the hand while playing.

2. Madness: Our House

For some of you, this song is going to be the first you have mastered. It is easy to play and it also required two hands, like the first one.

3. Bill Withers: Lean On Me

Lean On Me is a song that will require from you to use both hands. However, instead of notes, you will use intervals. It sounds more professional and it is helpful in building your confidence.

4. Only If

The song is played by Enya and it may look too easy for you. If that is the case, try playing it, but do not look at the piano. It is short and easy to remember.

5. Robbie William: She’s The One

The song is more than just popular and it is reasonably easy to master. You will need some time and it is recommended to have knowledge before you start learning this song, but it is worthy of your time.

6. I Am Sailing

The song is played by Rod Stewart and it is desirable simply because you will have to use Bb for the first time. Also, we recommend it for beginners who have played a few songs before.

7. My Heart Will Go On

My Heart Will Go On is the song from Titanic and it isn’t as difficult as you believe. Yes, you will need more time than for other songs, but it is highly appealing. You will be able to impress your friends by knowing to play the song.

8. Lord of the Rings

This song is relatively easy to play but it sounds like no other. We liked it a lot and we believe that you will have to learn it, especially if you are a fan of the movie.

9. Stand By Me

The song is played by Ben E. King and it is desirable simply because it teaches you how to use your hands for more complicated movement. Make sure you master each and every section before you move on.

10. Ed Sheeran: Perfect

If you like this song, you should know that it requires plenty of practice and as such, it is perfect for those who already have a bit of experience. It requires you to use hands for more complicated notes and the overall appeal is high.

11. Fallin

Fallin is a song played by Alicia Keys and it has been among us since 2001. We all know that the song is popular and sound great, but we must add that it has a unique rhythm and melody.

12. Five for Fighting: Superman

Five for Fighting has some of the most powerful words of all times. You will have the best possible motivation to learn the song and as such, you will want to do it as soon as possible.

13. Drops of Jupiter

The song is played by Train and it has been very popular among the beginners. We also advise you to start playing it as soon as possible and to try to play it with a band.

14. Colbie Caillat: Bubbly

Bubbly is an interesting song that is extremely easy. On the other side, we have the melodic sound and wonderful rhythm.

15. When I Was Your Man

You probably know that this is the song played by Bruno Mars. It isn’t the easiest one to master, but it sounds just perfect on a piano and you definitely should at least try it.

16. Love Me Like You Do

The song is relatively easy and it also sounds great on a piano itself. Don’t try to modify the song or you will ruin it. Stick to the original melody and notes.

17. Take Me to Church: Hozier

You will use only the simplest notes to play the song. But, did you know that is won the song of the year on Grammys in 2014?

18. Elastic Heart

Elastic Heart is the song played by Sia, an Australian artist. It sounds powerful and it is easy to master. In addition, it sounds great on a piano.

19. Dark Horse

Dark Horse is a popular song and we should add that you will have a great time playing and singing while you play. It has been one of more popular songs of Katy Perry.

20. Counting Stars: One Republic

Counting Stars is an excellent choice if you are planning to dance, clap with hands and play. It is easy to master, but it offers exceptional source if fun. We all like the song and so should you.

21. Thinking Out Loud

This isn’t one of easy piano songs most people prefer, but it is great to listen while spending some time in your house. If you like the song, master it.

22. Clarity

Zedd, Clarity is superb for playing on a digital piano. Be free to explore all effects and possibilities and you can make the song sound more personalized.

23. Taylor Swift: Shake It Off

As you already know, it is a fun song. Don’t forget that the tempo will change in the song, but it isn’t something you won’t be able to follow.

24. The Fray: How to Save a Life

The song comes from 2005 and it has been known for strong words with an even better message. For beginners, the song comes with overall simplicity, but it looks like a difficult one to master.

25. Idina Menzel: Let It Go

Idina Menzel provided us with the song that all beginners can play in two ways. You can either choose a movie soundtrack (movie Frozen) or rock version. Both are easy to master and they sound great on a digital piano.


These were easy piano songs you should start learning as soon as possible. We have divided them for children and adults, so have fun while mastering the most appealing for you. Even if you are an adult, you can start with kid’s songs from the list. If you have a child, you two can have a lot of fun. On the other hand, children won’t be fond of learning the adult’s songs from the list.

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