how much are piano lessons

Do You Want To Know How Much Are Piano Lessons? We Reveal The Most Comprehensive Explanations

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Every single person who has considered piano lessons wants to know about the cost. Here we will answer how much are piano lessons question, help you understand the factors that affect the cost and also help you by revealing ways to save money while learning how to play a piano.

First of all, having a private teacher is far more beneficial than you may believe. After all, you will get one-on-one teaching that is more accurate, more focused and more effective. Of course, there are different ways to get this teaching method.

How much are piano lessons: Average cost

locations piano lessonsThe average cost of having a private teacher teaching you how to play the piano are between $15 and $50. The main factors that determine the cost are your location, which may sound confusing and the expertise of the teacher. Obviously, teachers with a successful career and better expertise will charge more.


One of the factors, as you were able to see, is your location. It will significantly affect the cost of learning to play the piano. In rural areas, the process is generally more affordable. For example, in Muncie, a 30-minute session will cost you $25. Here you will generally pay less, but your choice when it comes to teachers is rather limited.

On the other side, we can see that a session of the same length in the New York City will cost you $60. The situation is generic when it comes to urban areas. You will have to pay more, but you have more opportunities when it comes to choosing your teacher.

Where you will have lessons?

There are three possibilities where you can have the lessons. They are:

  1. At your home.
  2. At the studio of a teacher.
  3. Online.

Here we can see the cost difference once again. If you choose to have the lessons at your home, a teacher may charge you more, simply because he or she will include the mileage or traveling time in the cost of a lesson.

Traveling to a studio of your teacher will be probably the most cost-effective way for some of you. These costs are typically the same or slightly higher than having the lessons online, which may be an issue depending on your and the expertise of a teacher! For example, an online session will cost you $25, like in a case when you are traveling to the studio of a teacher. The same teacher will come to your home and provide sessions for $40. In all cases, we are referring to the lessons that last 30 minutes.

Length of the lessons

Another factor that will affect the overall cost of learning how to play the piano is the length of a lesson. We can see that 30 minutes lessons are the most affordable and they usually cost around $40. A 45-minute lesson will cost you $45 while 55-minute lessons cost $55.

In the beginning, you will get more than you need from 30-minute lessons. However, as you progress, it is a wise decision to increase the length of each lesson.

Expertise of a teacher

There is no need in telling you that the expertise of a teacher affects the cost as well. Those who offer basic lessons for beginners are the most affordable. Those who have more years of teaching will charge more.

A separate case is when you are looking for a teacher who specialized a specific genre. He or she will usually charge much more than any of first two types.

Piano lessons for children: How much they cost?

costs piano lessonsWhen looking for a teacher for your child the situation is slightly different. For example, you will have probably more options to choose and the prices are more affordable. Don’t always choose the cheapest alternative. Instead, ask a few questions and then decide if that teacher suitable for the job. Common questions you will need to ask are:

  • What is the success rate of a teacher?
  • How long they teach?
  • Do they use Suzuki Method or a similar one, suitable for beginners?
  • What is the experience of a teacher?

In addition, you will also want to talk with a teacher and see what he thinks about teaching your child. Make sure to include your child into the equation as well. Some teachers may be extremely successful in what they do, but children simply find the teaching complicated and problematic.

Saving money is more than just possible

There are a few ways you can save money on learning how to play piano. The first one is to use websites that offer discounts and special promotions, such as You can also opt for group lessons, which are an excellent way to save money on learning how to play the piano. The main thing to remember is that you will save money if you choose a pre-determined learning plan.

If you really want to save money, online sessions are excellent. There are a lot of free sources out there which can be helpful for the beginners. Then, we must discuss the paid lessons, which are very effective, especially if you find a professional teacher.

One, interesting way to save money is to use a keyboard instead of a piano. They are very effective these days and they can replicate the sounds almost perfect.

Additional costs

Some additional costs are simply mandatory. We refer to the books that are simply a must if you are planning to become a professional; piano player. Some teachers will give you those books, other will provide copies, but most of them will require from you to acquire them additionally. Other elements you will need include:

  • Metronome.
  • Tuning a piano.
  • Notepad.

Luckily all of these things are affordable so there is no massive cost increase. You probably have all of them right now and you can even find cheap alternatives online.

The Final Word

Now you know all about how much are piano lessons which factors are essential and important and how to save money. Be free to start learning today and enjoy in each second.

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