Yamaha CP4 Review – Pushing Your Limits To The Next Level

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Yamaha CP4 Review – Yamaha CP4 stage piano is a top choice for those who want an intuitive use and effectiveness, not to mention portability. The CP4 is probably the best-rated middle range representative. Basically, it boosts some of the unique bells and whistles you find in high-end pianos, but without costing you a kidney. All in all, this Yamaha CP4 review will expose all its features.

Features of Yamaha CP4

In terms of sound quality, Yamaha is less likely to disappoint you, regardless of the model you choose. This one makes no exception either. In fact, it represents a high-end upgrade from other similar units. If there is anything clearer and deeper than its sound, that is probably the acoustic piano that it copies.

Each sound has several variations and plenty of effects. Apart from the classic acoustic sounds and modern electric music, the CP4 model also comes with a massive gallery of 321 built-in sounds. Most of them are based on the top MOTIF synthesizer. They are nicely organized in categories, so you can find everything at a glance.

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Plugged in Quality

Yamaha was the first manufacturer to introduce vintage electric piano imitations. While others tried to copy the gallery, nothing can raise to its standards. Some of the sounds it copies include CP80, DX7, Wurlitzer (1970s) and Fender Rhodes.

Working on these sounds will allow you to implement strings and hammers in your music. However, pickups are responsible for their electric profile.

Control Panel

You do not need any experience to get used to CP4’s control panel. It is one of the most appreciated features in almost every Yamaha CP4 review. You can use the buttons, but you can just as well rely on the voice category feature, which lets you name the sounds you want – much faster than scrolling and searching.

Yamaha CP4 stage piano

Splitting the keyboard in two can be done in a second – excellent for tandem training. Other functions include the scroll wheel for navigation, the five band EQ and the possibility to layer sounds. The LCD display is backlit.

Special Effects

Some of the unique sounds released by the CP4 stage piano (such as the electric piano ones) could never be achieved without the VCM technology. Standing for Virtual Circuitry Modeling, this technology is entirely based on realism.

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It provides the realistic reproduction of components and sounds associated with traditional circuits. It works like an analog component in the piano, hence the possibility to reproduce sounds in an analog quality standard.

Sizing and Portability

No Yamaha CP4 review will ever complain about the rapport for size and quality. For such a high rated piano, you expect the extra size and weight. It measures 59.1 x 17.7 x 10 inches. This model is larger than other lower rated models, but still extremely portable.

Yamaha CP4 stage piano

It weighs just over 48 pounds, so putting it away or taking it on tours and gigs should not cause too many problems.


  • Keyboard feels good and comfy.
  • Attractive CFX presets.
  • Extremely diversified sound set and effects.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Handy MIDI and audio control functions.


  • Not too many possibilities in editing audio.
  • The menu might feel clunky at first.

Who Should Buy Yamaha CP4?

Yamaha CP4 stage piano is somewhere between the middle range for intermediary uses and the high-end status of professional pianos. It is definitely recommended to those with experience, as well as proper professionals. However, newbies may also benefit from it if they push their learning limits a little.

Yamaha CP4 Review – Conclusion

In the end, this Yamaha CP4 review makes it pretty obvious – the CP4 piano will make things smoother and more convenient for experienced users.

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