Yamaha MX88 Review – Best Piano For Semi-Professionals and Professionals

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Yamaha MX88 Review – Yamaha MX88 is one of those digital pianos that you simply must include on your list regardless of what you actually need. It is a beautiful model made by this brand and it is loaded with clever features and advanced systems. It is designed for all musicians who are looking for a great digital piano. Now you have an opportunity to check out the latest Yamaha MX88 review.

Features of Yamaha MX88

Some of you will know that most digital pianos come in black color only. This one is different. You can have it is blue, white and black, meaning that you can get the one you simply like the most or the one that matches your décor. All versions are made in the same way and they come with the same features.

  You can buy the Yamaha MX88 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

GHS keys

The keyboard is GHS-equipment which suggests that the keys will feel heavier in lower notes and lighter in the higher ones. We tested the model with 88 keys which is the most desirable, but you can get versions with 49 or 61 key. All of them have the same keyboard which is actually the same as in more expensive models made by Yamaha.

yamaha mx88 Weighted Action Synthesizer

Motif sound engine

All of you who are professionals or familiar with the term will know that this sound engine is one of the best on the planet. It is useful and desirable for musicians of all skill levels and it offers countless advantages. It is developed to reproduce acoustic piano sounds perfectly without any complications.

yamaha mx88 Weighted Action Synthesizer

Over 1.000 voices

Thanks to the aforementioned music engine, the digital piano we have here is exceptional when it comes to the voices. There are over 1000 of them and each one is developed to provide an accurate sound quality as possible. You will definitely be more than just satisfied with the overall effect and you will appreciate the sound.

Plug and play

Gamers will know what this term means. For the rest of you, we will provide an explanation. The digital keyboard offers a USB port and connectivity which allows for you to connect it to any computer and enjoy the simplest connection possible. There is no need to install drivers (plug and play).


  • Motif sound engine.
  • Build quality.
  • Looks great and available in 3 colors.
  • Over 1.000 voices


  • Rock Organ.
  • Small display.

Who should consider Yamaha MX88?

All musicians who are looking for the new digital piano should read the Yamaha MX88 review we have prepared and should consider this particular model. Why? It is very versatile and it comes with plenty of features and advantages. But, who of them will actually get the perfect digital piano?

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For beginners, this unit is more expensive and it is a bit complicated to use. For those who believe the price isn’t an issue, this can be an excellent first piano. It comes with all the essentials you are going to need and something more. However, keep in mind that there are no features that will help you improve your skills, so it is probably a better decision to get some of other the models made by Yamaha.

For semi-professionals, this digital piano is just right. It is powerful, compact and it offers plenty of essential features. As an upgrade, you definitely should go for it and you will be more than just satisfied. It simply has everything you will need. Let’s just add that you will be more than happy with your new piano.

Professionals will probably find a lot of drawbacks and won’t be extremely satisfied with the MX88. On the other hand, this is an entry-level, professional digital piano so if you seek one on a budget, it is once again a great choice.

Yamaha MX88 Review – Conclusion

The Yamaha MX88 review included all the facts you should know about this model and now is your turn to see can it meet your requirements. We believe that it will feel and be great for the highest number of musicians and we want to recommend you as a safe choice. You won’t make a mistake and you will love the sound quality, the keys, and the overall design. Don’t forget that it is the digital piano if you like the blue color.

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