Yamaha NP12 Review – Why Beginners Should Buy It

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Yamaha NP12 Review – Are you looking for an affordable digital piano of the modern generation that has plenty to offer? If you do, then the Yamaha NP12 review is something you will have to read as soon as possible. The model we have here is highly desirable, recommended by the experts, so we believe that soon it may become unavailable on the market.

Features of Yamaha NP12 Lightweight Portable Keyboard

An interesting addition and the first section in the Yamaha NP12 review is the number of possibilities when it comes to this particular model. First of all, we should add that it is available in black and white colors, which is rare. Then, you can get it with a stand and a bench which increases the price but it is still a good value for money.

Touch sensitive piano keys

We tested the 61-key version which is basically the same (except the keys, obviously) with a 76-key model with the same name. The keys feel pleasant to use and they are slightly better than most other models from this price range have to offer. They are beautifully made and they come with great responsiveness.

yamaha np12 portable keyboard

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Controller app for iOS devices

Same like more expensive models this one offers full compatibility with the controller app. At the moment, it is only available for iOS devices, meaning that you can use it to connect your iPhone or iPad. The app is modern and looks great with plenty of graphical features and options.

Battery powered model

It may be an advantage for you. The model uses 6 AA batteries that can provide up to 5 hours of play time. It simply makes the entire digital piano extremely portable. You can use it anywhere you want and you it is possible to use in locations where there is no electricity. Sadly, the power supply is available as an optional extra.

yamaha np12 Piaggero

Available upgrade

One interesting advantage is the upgrade which comes with this model. What it allows is to get recording feature, it will extend the battery life and it comes with 64-note polyphony. We advise you to take the advantage in question and to get the latest features as soon as possible.


  • Extremely portable.
  • Feels solid and has decent keys.
  • Available in different versions.
  • Controller app for iOS devices.


  • Comes without a power supply.
  • App works with iOS devices only.

Why you should consider Yamaha NP12?

Our Yamaha NP12 review is here to help you with any matter you may have on your mind, regarding the model in question. As such, we would like to spend some time analyzing who should consider it and who will be more than just satisfied with the purchase.

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Obviously, there is no need to mention that this isn’t a professional digital piano. It lacks the key quality and features that all professionals will need. After all, the price isn’t something professionals usually pay attention so we won’t recommend it to them. So, who should consider the NP12?

The answer is simple. As your first digital piano, the tested model is more than just a great choice. First and foremost, it comes with decent quality, the construction is solid and all the features you are going to need are here. Precisely this type of musicians will become the new owners.

Additionally, if you look for a digital piano that comes with extreme portability, this unit should be on your list. The battery life is 5 hours, but after the upgrade, it will be longer, so you will still get the ability to play longer literally anywhere. Yes, this digital piano can be played while traveling or while camping. All you need are AA batteries.

In a nutshell, the beginners and those who seek portability will like and be more than just satisfied with the tested unit. It has it all and you can have it in any version you prefer. This is one of the rare digital pianos that comes in white color.

Yamaha NP12 Review – Conclusion

In the end, the last part we will use in the Yamaha NP12 review is to explain why we liked this model. It is exceptional value for money and with a few optional extras, it can be a powerful digital piano. It has it all and it is great for beginners.

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