Yamaha P-115 Review – Best Digital Piano Tested And Reviewed

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Yamaha P-115 Review – The first thing we will have to mention in our Yamaha P-115 review is the fact this is a great bundle. Of course, we will explain the matter in detail below. At the moment, all you have to know is that the product comes with all you need to know and it targets intermediate and professionals users. Thanks to the great package, we can also recommend it for beginners.

Features of Yamaha P-115 Weighted Action Digital Piano

Obviously, you get the digital keyboard in the package and it is one of more desirable models at the moment. But, you must know that the package also includes a sustain pedal, a stand, and a bench. Basically, you get all you need to start playing your music within seconds.

192 note polyphony

Some of you will want to head all about the polyphony in the Yamaha P-115 review. All we can say is that it is above average. There are 192 notes which is suitable for the highest number of musicians. The polyphony has been one of the main advantages P115 has to offer.

Yamaha P-115 keyboard piano

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Intelligent Acoustic Control

The Intelligent Acoustic Control is an advanced system that comes with this digital keyboard. We liked the fact it is sophisticated and it truly makes a difference. You will probably notice it the first time you use the keyboard. What it does is adapts and balances the sound according to the volume setting of each user. The goal is to provide the best sound at any level.

Dual mode is supported

As you may already know, a dual mode is desirable if you are planning to use this keyboard for practicing alongside your professor. Dual mode basically means that the keyboard will split into two sections so you can play and learn at the same time. In addition, there is a separate split feature as well.

Yamaha P-115 keyboard piano

The new app is available

There is no need to add the fact the new app is launched specifically for this digital piano. It will allow for you to get better and simpler connectivity and also to make the keyboard more flexible. The app runs on iOS devices and it is a real pleasure to use. It is stable as well, so it won’t crash which may annoy you.


  • Great package that includes all the essentials.
  • Advanced sound quality.
  • Weighted and pleasant to use the keyboard.
  • Dual mode.
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control.


  • Customer support.
  • Poor user manual.

Who should consider Yamaha P-115?

The Yamaha P-115 review has come to the difficulty section. Who and why should consider this particular model. The answer is complicated simply due to the complexity of the tested unit. In other words, it is a great choice for beginners, specifically thanks to the dual mode and the fact you get all the essentials in the package. The price is reasonable considering this advantage so it will be appealing for the new musicians.

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On the other hand, we have the performances of the keyboard. It is an advanced unit that comes with a high level of attention to detail and great sound. It can be used for intermediate and professional musicians and all of them will appreciate the useful features.

The bottom line here is that Yamaha P-115 is suitable for most musicians. It is paired with advanced features, it offers above the average sound quality and it is considered to be a great value for money. You won’t make a mistake by choosing this unit, regardless of the purposes and applications you have on your mind.

Most of you will appreciate the Intelligent Acoustic Control which isn’t a new addition, but it can make a massive difference in the sound quality and adapt it for each user individually.

Yamaha P-115 Review – Conclusion

The Yamaha P-115 review has come to the end and now we should tell you why we liked this model. First of all, it is a great value for money and it comes with all you are going to need. Sound quality and the keyboard are above the average in the lack of a better word and the entire unit feels well-made. It will be more than just ideal for beginners and suitable for professionals as well. Intermediate users will like and use the full potential without a single problem.

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