Yamaha P-125 Review – What To Know Before Purchasing A Top Digital Piano

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Yamaha P-125 Review – Your options are limited when interested in getting a piano but without having so much room. Luckily, you do have compact options that can provide the exact same experience at a cheaper cost. Move on with this Yamaha P-125 review and discover one of the top rated digital pianos on the market.

Yamaha P-125 review


Features of Yamaha P-125

Being a digital piano, this unit is likely to fit into pretty much any room. It is excellent for student rooms, as well as small bedrooms if your living room is not big enough. You can literally practice everywhere without worrying about space.

Moreover, given its size – 52.2 x 11.6 x 6.6 inches and 37.5 pounds in weight, it is portable and can go from one place to another for storage. As for its appearance, it features piano style keys – no compromises in size.

Playing Style

Generally speaking, digital pianos are quite limited and can never reach the sound quality of a real unit. This one gets pretty close though, whether you count the sound or the actual experience. Even if you are used to playing a real piano from your classes, Yamaha P-125 will not bring in a major difference.

The action is GHS weighted. The low keys experience a heavier volume, while the high keys are lighter. It is the exact same feeling you get from a real piano. If you have only used digital units, this kind of playing style will get you ready for the upgrade to a professional piano.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is yet another major misconception in digital pianos. Worried that a digital piano will never sound as realistic as a classic one? It depends on what kind of piano you have, but some units can easily exceed the sound quality of a traditional unit.
Yamaha P-125 white

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According to pretty much any Yamaha P-125 review, this one can perfectly reproduce the tone of the widely recognized Yamaha 9′ CFIIS Concert Grand piano. It features a pure CF sound engine that can make it impossible to tell the difference. As for the tempo range, it goes between 5 and 280.

Split Mode Feature

The split mode may not be the most common feature in the world in digital pianos, but it can and will give you some diversity. You can play a different voice range with each hand, so the piano is basically split into two ranges. The tuning range will make it fairly simple – 414.7 – 440.0 – 446.8Hz.


The beauty of digital pianos lays in their connectivity and versatility. This model comes with USB connectivity, as well as MIDI and other audio transfer solutions. Connecting the digital piano to your music making software is a matter of minutes. You only require one cable.

As if all these were not enough, the piano can be controlled through a dedicated application. You can control the rhythm, voice and pretty much any setting.


  • Versatile.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Multiple connectivity options and app settings.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Feels and runs like a real piano.


  • Sustain pedal seems fragile.
  • No battery power.

Reasons to Buy Yamaha P-125

Yamaha did a good job with P-125 and the perfect acoustic sound reproduction is the main reason behind its popularity. Furthermore, playing it feels like playing a real piano, which is a great addition to one’s training. Last, but not least, digitalized features are not to be overlooked either.

Yamaha P-125 Review – Conclusion

Bottom line, it is almost impossible to find a negative Yamaha P-125 review. This unit was designed with sound quality and feeling in mind, but without the hassle of finding enough space for it.​

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