Yamaha P-255 Review – Best Portable Pianos With Useful Features

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Yamaha P-255 Review – As you can see, this is a model from the P series which stands for a portable. The P255 has been one of more popular models over the years and now it is upgraded with the latest systems and all-new features. We invested hours into testing it and now we have prepared a detailed Yamaha P-255 review for all of you who are looking for a new digital piano.

Features of Yamaha P-255 Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano

Three features ‘’borrowed’’ from grand pianos – The Yamaha P-255 is made to mimic the performances of grand pianos as much as possible. That’s why we can see three features that stand out from the crowd.

The first one is key-off samples meaning that the sound will change when you remove your finger from a key. Sustain sampling makes a difference how deep you press pedals and adapts the sound. String resonance simulates the sound of a grand piano even more. On grand pianos, when a hammer hits just one string, others will resonate as well.

  You can buy the Yamaha P-255 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

Keys made of synthetic ivory

You already know that grand pianos have keys made of ivory or synthetic materials. The model we are testing has them as well. All the keys are made of synthetic ivory which makes them feel perfect and also damp the sweat you will encounter. They are GH as well, so you get a similar feel as on the actual grand piano.

Yamaha P-255 digital piano

Powerful built-in speakers

The speakers are specifically made for Yamaha P-255. They are round rather than oval and they are paired with tweeters (12W) which as end result has a much better performance than similar models have to offer. We liked the sound quality in the low areas and we must add that it is incredibly detailed.

Yamaha P-255 digital piano

Advanced portability

The main aspect of any Yamaha P-255 review must be the portability of the unit. After all, it comes from the P series which we all know targets musicians who will need a portable model. This one weighs 38 pounds and it is made to stay as compact as possible. The dimensions are small and it will fit perfectly almost anywhere. Don’t forget that it is made of durable materials.

The well-known app is available as well

The app which is compatible with this particular model is slightly modified. It is easier to use and it allows for you to control all the main systems and features. As usual, it is compatible only with iOS devices. However, it is still an advantage we liked.


  • Very portable.
  • Advanced features that make it sound better.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Keys made of synthetic ivory.


  • Useless display.
  • Polyphony (256).

Who should purchase Yamaha P-255?

Now we must reveal who will need the tested model and why. It is the main part of our Yamaha P-255 review. If we consider the price, the advanced features that make it sound like grand pianos and the superior portability we can deduce that professionals who need a new digital piano for uses while on the move are the most probable new owners.

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Yes, all of you who need a superior digital keyboard for practicing (advanced) will like this model as well. After all, it is made to sound perfect and it offers all the systems you will ever need. Some features will help you develop your skills even more, in less time than ever before. All of this is important if you are planning to get become a professional musician.

In general, the digital piano we have here is ideal for remote usages. It is compact and lightweight so you won’t have any issues using it literally anywhere on the planet. This is one of the reasons why Yamaha P-255 has been one of the most popular models from the P series. Of course, it is made to meet all expectations associated with the traveling.

Yamaha P-255 Review – Conclusion

All you should remember from our Yamaha P-255 review is that you get a highly portable and professional digital piano made by one of the best brands in the world. It is ideal for all of those who need a high-end unit for usage while traveling, moving or simply at their home. It is packed with useful features and capabilities and it looks exceptional.

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