Yamaha P45 Review – Why You Should Have This?

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Yamaha P45 Review – The Yamaha P45 Weighted Action Digital Piano is one of the more interesting models made by this brand that definitely deserves your full attention. It is a great value for money, it comes with all the essentials you are going to need and it really offers plenty of features. All of that will be explained in our Yamaha P45 review.

Features of Yamaha P45 Weighted Action Digital Piano

This is the first part of our Yamaha P45 review and it should help you that this isn’t an ordinary digital piano that is made for beginners. It comes with 88 fully-weighted keys which are designed and made to feel and look like the ones on acoustic pianos. If we know that Yamaha also makes acoustic pianos, it isn’t difficult to understand the feel of the keys we mentioned.

10 different voices

The P45 will help you play different music thanks to the presence of 10 different voices. We must add that they are based on some of the best acoustic pianos made by this brand, so they have a lot of potentials. If you are a beginner or intermediate user, you will be more than just happy.

yamaha p45 digital piano

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Dual mode

Dual mode basically allows for you to play two different instruments at the same time. For instance, you can play piano using one hand and strings using another. You should divide the keyboard using the mentioned feature and then you can create some of the most appealing music you want.

yamaha p45 digital piano

Music rest

Music rest is one of the more interesting features here. Basically, it is a small addition to the top of the digital piano that allows you to place your songbook or your notes. We tested and it is strong and look well-made. It is also more than just useful for all musicians and a feature that tells us this isn’t an ordinary digital piano.

Slim design

The design is primarily modern and looks great. We all liked how this unit looks and we believe you will as well. But, the design is slim as well. The depth of the digital piano is 12 inches only and the overall weight is 25 pounds. You won’t have any issues using this digital piano anywhere you want.


  • Value for money.
  • Music note stand.
  • Slim and modern design.
  • Dual mode is very desirable.


  • Number of voices.
  • Heavy, considering the dimensions.

Who and why will be satisfied with the Yamaha P45?

In the Yamaha P45 review it is a bit difficult to explain who should get this particular model and why. First of all, it isn’t a high-end digital piano made by Yamaha, which is obvious. It is something else and it targets a different type of musicians.

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For beginners, it is all what they will ever need. The 10 voices and the dual mode are excellent and they will provide countless advantages to the music playing. Of course, there are additional features beginners will appreciate and they will be happy to use them every single day.

Semi-professionals or intermediate musicians will benefit the most out of this digital piano. It is like created specifically for them. 10 voices are sufficient, the slim design is great and the weighted keys are a real pleasure to use. You will spend countless hours playing and experimenting with your new digital keyboard.

All of you who seek a new digital piano to replace their old one should consider this model as well. It is a worthy upgrade that will help you improve your music and meet your higher requirements.

The last but not least, P stands for portable, meaning that P45 is designed and made to stay extremely portable unit. Thanks to the aforementioned design and plenty of features, we must add that all of you who look for a new digital piano that offers great portability will be perfectly satisfied with the unit here.

Yamaha P45 Review – Conclusion

The Yamaha P45 review is written to help you discover all the facts and elements of this model. All we should add is the fact you will likely consider this model at some point in your music career. It is made by Yamaha, it comes with a lot of useful features and it has a full-size, professionally-made keyboard that is excellent. All you will ever need.

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