Yamaha P45 Vs. P115 Digital Piano: Differences And Similarities

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As you all know, Yamaha P35 and P105 were very successful models with plenty of features. However, they were upgraded and replaced with newer versions. Now we must discover the similarities and differences by comparing Yamaha P45 vs. P115. Both models are popular and desirable, but we are more interested in the differences they have to offer.

Yamaha P45 Vs. P115 – The Differences

The first aspect we will have to mention is the keyboard difference. Some of you will know that P35 had dull and below average sound. The polyphony was 32, which wasn’t ideal. The P45 brings a few upgrades. The polyphony is 64 and the sounds are much better. Now you have the ability to use the sustain pedal as well. The keys are more sensitive and more pleasant to use.

Differences between P105 and P115, at least when it comes to the keyboard are minimalists. There are no major improvements nor modifications and we can say that the newer model is slightly a better choice. It is still a worthy and smart investment for beginners.

yamaha p45 digital piano

Yamaha P45

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Both models are reasonably portable and we can say that this is one of the main advantages. They can be used with X-frame stand but there is a wooden stand for those who don’t like to move their pianos all the time. After all, P stands for portable, so we can deduce that these pianos will be more than just appealing to all of you who like portable models.

The sustain pedal is available with both models. Hoverer, the P115 allows for the users to use two sustain pedals which adds a bit more practicality. Another, important advantage of both models is duo mode. What it does is splits the keyboard into two parts. Press D and Function and you get two parts of the keyboard. Important for teachers and those who have a need for this kind of system.


Number of Keys

Piano Sound


Number of Polyphony

Number of Voices

Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)

Sound Boost

Damper Resonance

Tempo Range



Preset Songs

Number of Songs

Number of Tracks

Yamaha P45 


AMW Stereo Sampling

Graded hammer standard (GHS) keyboard




Yamaha p115


Pure CF Sound Engine

(GHS) keyboard, matte finish on black keys





10 (Pianist Style)

14 demo songs and 50 piano songs



Sound quality

In order to test the sound quality, we played the Grand Piano and Strings, Piano 2, Electric Piano and Harpsichord 1 on both models. In a nutshell, the sound quality is better with P115 and we all agree that it is a bit more appealing model. Keep in mind that P45 comes with an amplifier of 6 Watts and 2x12cm speaker cones. However, the P115 has the 7-Watta amplified, the same speaker cones and additional 2x4cm speaker cone.

Yamaha P-115

Yamaha P115

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Waveform memory is different. The P45 comes with 10 options, while P115 has 14 of them, which is slightly better and more focused for professionals. Don’t forget that it also has a dual pedal system which is helpful. In addition, the P45 uses AWN sound engine, while P115 uses a new, CF3S system.

Polyphony is different, obviously, The P45 has 64 count which is decent and more than just sufficient for beginners. P115 has 192 and as such, it is much better for professionals and intermediate users. As you can see, Yamaha P45 vs. P115 comparison truly offers plenty of differences.

Additional features

Some of the additional features we discovered on both models are impressive, others are well-known. The main difference is in the fact the P45 is unable to record your playing. It is important for beginners and it can make a massive difference. The P115 obviously has this system.

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The P115 also has a boost feature which will make sure that the piano sound doesn’t get lost or disappear during a live performance. This has been one of the most common issues and finally, we can see that even affordable digital pianos have sorted it out.


The difference in price is $150 and you should know that it truly matters. In addition, both models are considered affordable and great values for money so you will be more than just happy with each unit if your skill level matches the piano.

Yamaha P45 vs. P115 – Conclusion

In the Yamaha P45 vs. P115 comparison, which model is more suitable for you? The P45 is ideal for children and beginners. It has all they need and something even more. You will like the sound, basic features, and the sound quality. The P115 is a performer’s piano, which is obvious and it is more suitable for intermediate and professional players.

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