Yamaha YDP-143 Review – Professionals Must Consider This Option

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Yamaha YDP-143 Review – Yamaha YDP-143 has been one of the most desirable digital pianos on the market and it definitely deserves your attention. It is developed for musicians who want a combination of good-looking and powerful piano which doesn’t occupy a lot of space, yet has all you will ever need. In our Yamaha YDP-143 review we must Yamaha YDP-143 review we explain that this model comes with headphones, user manual, polishing cloth, DVD and a bench.

Features of Yamaha YDP-143

If you wonder why we are mentioning this feature as the first, we must explain. It is extremely important and it makes the digital piano in question sound perfect. It is advanced technology developed by Yamaha and it is present in all, high-end models. The sampling system is all-new, developed for this model particularly, so you get ultimate sound quality.

Half-damper pedals

As you can see, the YDP143 offers three pedals. They are mandatory if you want to create an experience which is identical to the grand pianos. All dump-pedals made by Yamaha are appreciated for their accuracy and the ability to translate the effects of the grand pianos into the world of digital ones.

yamaha arius ydp143r digital piano

  You can buy the Yamaha YdP-143 from  Amazon or Guitar Center 

GHS keyboard

GHS system is also a well-known feature found on Yamaha’s digital pianos and there is no need to waste your time explaining it. All you have to know is that the keys are weighted so they look and feel like the ones on grand pianos made by the same brand.

Pre-loaded songs

Yamaha YDP-143 review must point out that the piano in question comes with plenty of pre-loaded songs implemented by Yamaha. The goal is to help you develop your skills and also to listen to some of the best music played by grand pianos. We were impressed with the possibilities this model has to offer. In addition, you also get Austin Bazaar instructional annual.

Use the app for all the features

Yamaha is making their digital pianos compatible with an outstanding app which is now available for all the users. It is ideal for those who want to use the advanced features of the piano and for those who prefer simplicity thanks to the latest technology. The app is compatible with all iOS devices.


  • The sound engine is phenomenal.
  • Great package that includes all you will need.
  • Included samples.
  • Advanced app for iOS users.
  • Looks and design of the entire unit.


  • Heavy.
  • Sensitive material.

Why you should purchase Yamaha YDP-143?

Yamaha YDP-143 is a great digital piano who will meet the requirements of us many. But, who actually should consider it and why? This is going to be our next question which obviously deserves an answer. The first thing we will have to mention is the fact this model is advanced, so you should know what you are actually looking for.

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Thanks to the great package and exceptional features, the Yamaha YDP-143 is a more sophisticated digital piano available on the market. Add the instructional DVD and the samples that are implemented into the piano and we can deduce that it is just great for intermediate users. Precisely they will be the most satisfied owners and they will appreciate every inch of the digital piano.

If you are a beginner, you are free to choose this model as well. However, advanced features and the price may be drawbacks for you. As such, it would be a better choice to look for some, more affordable Yamaha’s digital pianos that are designed specifically for the beginners.

On the other side of the story, we have professional musicians. The question here is, should they consider this unit? The answer is yes. Thanks to the damping pedals, sound engine, and polyphony (192 notes), the model will be more than just ideal. Of course, instructions and included samples for learning may be irrelevant in this case scenario.

Yamaha YDP-143 Review – Conclusion

Our Yamaha YDP-143 review covered all the main elements of the piano and revealed who and why should consider it as soon as possible. All we can add at this moment is that you will like the design, the attention to detail and powerful specifications of the mentioned model. It is ideal for intermediate users and it can meet most requirements of professional musicians.

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